1. Pretax icons branding icons illustration
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    Pretax icons
  2. Democracy Works rebranding branding design illustration logo
    View Democracy Works rebranding
    Democracy Works rebranding
  3. poll finder mobile concept
    View poll finder mobile concept
    poll finder mobile concept
  4. roommate finder app (work-in-progress)
    View roommate finder app (work-in-progress)
    roommate finder app (work-in-progress)
  5. kickstarter project card explorations design ui
    View kickstarter project card explorations
    kickstarter project card explorations
  6. redesign of howto.vote design navigation ui ux website
    View redesign of howto.vote
    redesign of howto.vote
  7. votegif
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  8. www design homepage ui
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  9. dashboard upload components dashboard ui upload ux
    View dashboard upload components
    dashboard upload components
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