1. billboard banner design for data security company

  2. custom photoshop work for data security company

  3. Heart Valve website redesign

  4. Pet soap magazine ad

  5. Composite photo manipulation

  6. Hooked Chris Swanger Composite Photography Web

  7. Von Zipper Look Book web page design

  8. Brand Identity Logo Design

  9. Rubios Site Map

  10. medical industry - wireframes for backend medical billing

  11. 1280 Grid Billabong Chicks Rule Landing Page

  12. Dashboard WIP

  13. Rubio's web redesign Wire Frame (menu page)

  14. The Joker 3 Composite Chris Swanger Photography Web

  15. The Joker Composite Chris Swanger Photography Web

  16. CAE Calculator Chris Swanger Design

  17. Swell.com web redesign

  18. Swell.com web redesign

  19. Swell.com web redesign

  20. Unwelcomed Guest Chris Swanger Photography Web

  21. The Crash Chris Swanger Composite Photography

  22. That's Not An Apple - Chris Swanger Photography

  23. Chem Trails - Chris Swanger Photography

  24. Backyard Shinanigans Chris Swanger Photography Sm

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