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Rediscover your creativity: Why Gen Z designers are flocking to Tumblr

Today, Tumblr has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for art, memes, counterculture, or design inspiration. Designers, especially young ones, are making a silent comeback to this revived platform, which was considered “abandoned” by many back in 2018.

So what’s attracting Gen Z creatives to the microblogging platform?

As younger generations make the conscious decision to leave social media due to its “toxic effects,” the only logical next step is to create your own community so that you can express yourself freely without being bombarded by ads or obsessing over likes. In many cases, Gen Zers have been left without a creative outlet after ditching social media platforms, and Tumblr fits the bill perfectly.

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What does Tumblr have that social media doesn’t?

Tumblr is where you can go to express your creativity without judgment, without “influencers” or brands vying for your attention, and with something everyone on social media has been requesting for years: a chronological feed.

It’s not mainstream social media; it’s a blank canvas. The appeal of Tumblr has always been that you have total creative freedom to post what you want, how you want. There are no set dimensions or formats when it comes to sharing the content that inspires you most. With endless creative possibilities, it’s no surprise that no two blogs look the same.

There is no pressure to perform, which can be the best catalyst for creativity.

On Tumblr, you can choose to create an account that represents your true self or use a pseudonym. There is no pressure to perform, which can be the best catalyst for creativity.

But if no one knows who you are on Tumblr, what does this mean for “personal branding?”

Tumblr creativity

Are personal brands dead?

As soon as Instagram launched in 2010, almost anyone could post and filter their way to the unicorn status of “10k followers” influencer. Although it was hard work, it was easier to reach than presently, and you earned a lot of respect, having thousands of followers.

Younger generations today are feeling the pressure of social media and abstaining altogether, keeping private accounts for friends and family, or going anonymous. And platforms such as Tumblr and Discord, which allow you to be “you” but anonymous, are growing in popularity.

Authenticity now reigns supreme on Tumblr, where your creativity is free to run wild and unhinged without pressure to perform.

As well as safety concerns, remaining anonymous online can also help avoid “presentation culture,” which reminds us of how we used to worry about our employers discovering our Facebook accounts.

It all adds up to the fact that you’ll be at your most creative when you can be yourself online without risking your reputation or safety. Tumblr’s resurgence speaks for itself. Authenticity now reigns supreme on Tumblr, where your creativity is free to run wild and unhinged without pressure to perform.

Using Tumblr to support your creative journey

Tumblr has always been a place to be creative, where you can customize the look and feel of your blog or through the content you choose to share. Unlike other social platforms, you are free to post and share content in any format you choose — text, photos, GIFs, quotes, audio, video, and more.

With virtually no creative restrictions, Tumblr has quickly become a go-to destination for artists, designers, and creative practitioners looking to unearth new and unexpected forms of inspiration.

Follow these Tumblr blogs for endless inspiration

If you’ve never used Tumblr before or are looking for great blogs to feed your creative inspiration, look no further! Get started on Tumblr by checking out these incredible blogs:

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  • Tokyo Photography — Lukasz Palka, a street and urban photographer, writes Tokyo Photography on his personal blog. His photos of Tokyo are candid, vibrant, and edgy.

And there are plenty more to check out…

Creativity. Make it yours.

There’s no doubt that Tumblr is a great platform for creative minds. With its customization options and lack of pressure to perform, it’s the perfect place to explore your creativity. Ready to see what all of the hype is about? Get started on Tumblr today

Olivia Hoskin About the Author: Olivia Hoskin is a freelance writer with a background in tech and marketing. A true design fan at heart, you’ll find her writing about the latest industry trends, technologies, and the inspiring endeavors of fellow creators. Follow her at oliviahoskin.com.

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