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10 powerful quotes about creativity to inspire you this year

Whether or not you “do” New Year’s resolutions, January is often a time to take inventory and refresh your life. For many designers, this means overhauling their website, revamping their portfolios, or simply cleaning out old design files.

Because it means something different to everyone, the essence of “creativity” is challenging to capture through words. But that doesn’t mean we won’t give you some inspiring fuel for the fire with this article. Keep these quotes in mind as you navigate through the beginnings of a new year!

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1. “You can’t do something great by occasionally doing it.”

Hans Bennewitz, Art Director

We get it; sometimes, there are so many ideas floating around in our minds that it can be challenging to commit to a single theme or concept. And you don’t have to. But we also know that it takes hours, days, and years to refine a craft. Let this be the year that you find the thing you want to focus on long-term and become great at it!

Love Blooms flowers illustration ornate overprint volkswagen vwbug

Love Blooms

by Hans Bennewitz

So I’ve been working on this idea for a possible print the past few months, but finally got it where I like it! When the whole quarantine thing is over, how many of you would be interested in an 8.5x11 RISO print of this? Also, special appearance from ...

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2. “Talent is talent, and if you work hard, it’s amazing how many good opportunities come your way.”

John Matta, Illustrator & Designer

You can’t fight good talent! But of course, people need to know about your good talent before those opportunities start flowing. Creating a profile on Dribbble or using social media to promote your work and interact with others in your field will go a long way towards helping your creative career this year.

Shoebox movie poster color film film makers flowers illustration movie poster poster short film
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Shoebox movie poster

by John Mata

Movie poster for David Fourtune's latest short Shoebox which recently premiered at Tribeca in association with Indeed Works and Lena Waithe. If you get a chance to check this short out, you won’t forget it. Watch it here:

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3. “We don’t know what we’re doing sometimes. But this is the essence of creativity.”

George Kvasnikov, Design Lead

If the past two years have taught us anything, we need to start embracing the unknown. When the world stopped for a few months back in March 2020, Designers were probably the first ones back on their feet since WFH has been ingrained in the flow longer than almost any other profession out there.

Ofs dribbble
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Vacation Builder

by George Kvasnikov for FΛNTΛSY

Hey Guys, Here is a quick exploration of an inspirational vacation builder. As you can see the flow is pretty straight forward. The task was to make it look different, inspiring and not boring. Each page has it's own layout, which keeps user awake and...

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4. “Make it simple but significant.”

Don Draper, a fictional character on Mad Men

Designers and marketers share this in common. “Keep it simple, stupid!” Interesting how a design principle created by the U.S. Navy in 1960 is still a driving force in our work today. Keeping systems simple versus making them complicated is the best design practice; simplicity is a critical objective in design, avoiding unnecessary complexity.

5. “Almost anything can be a seed for an idea; you just have to keep your eyes open to spot the things that speak to you.”

Leena Kisonen, Illustrator

Let yourself be inspired by anything this year. We all know (and love) the usual sources of inspiration: your previous styles, traditional print media, old packaging, different cultures, etc. But heck, you could be inspired by a beautiful restaurant dish, a super yummy smell, or even your favorite song.

Calendar for 2022 animal illustration calendar 2022 calendar illustration colorful cover art cover illustration cute dog dog illustration flat color flat style friendly illustration leena kisonen nature illustration pastels sausage dog scandinavian

Calendar for 2022

by Leena Kisonen

I'm excited to tell that my calendar collaboration with Putinki Helsinki continues again for 2022! The 2022 calendar illustrated by me is now live and it's all about cute animals and furry friends. Available for purchase here:

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6. “Once I focused on what I enjoy creating, I discovered my style and started growing as an artist.”

Maria Galybina, Illustrator & Designer

Let’s do more of what we love this year! There’s nothing worse for your creativity than being locked into a job or project that doesn’t inspire you. If you’re in a place to do so, consider only taking projects that you absolutely love and spend your free time growing your style. It shows when you love what you do, and people will see that.

LEAVES seamless pattern autumn background design designs exotic fall floral for sale illustration leaf leaves nature pattern seamless vector wallpaper
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LEAVES seamless pattern

by Maria Galybina

Here are some lovely bright autumn LEAVES to get you in the autumn mood. Print these elegant seamless patterns on textiles, dishes, stationery and home decor to create an enchanting autumnal atmosphere. Enjoy it and thanks for watching my works! Projec...

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7. “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

Maya Angelou

Sure, you can feel tired after a hugely creative day or project, but we all need to take a rest sometimes. Do something to recharge yourself and keep up the creative work! Ever think of one of your best ideas in the shower? Us too 😉

8. “Create the work you want to get paid to make.”

Patrick Moriarty, Designer

Almost every Designer we speak to has found freedom in investing their time to create what they love. Of course, you need to pay the bills, but the sooner you can create (and showcase) your passion projects, the sooner someone will want to pay you to do them!

9. “Do things that scare you and push you out of your comfort zone.”

Tyler Elise Blinderman, Designer & Illustrator

Almost every Designer we speak to has found freedom in investing their time to create what they love. Of course, you need to pay the bills, but the sooner you can create (and showcase) your passion projects, the sooner someone will want to pay you to do them!

Dwscy dribbble
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Do What Scares You

by Tyler Elise Blinderman

Have you done anything lately that took a lot of courage? Created in Procreate and Photoshop.

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10. “My go-to for inspiration is always cartoons with a unique art style or storyline.”

Becca Kaiser, Designer

Cheers to finding inspiration where normally wouldn’t. Of course, push for good design work is all around us… but looking to traditional media or relics of your childhood can help you get excited about a project.

Roadmap's Kettle Sour SR 90s beer game game boy label sour special

Roadmap's Kettle Sour SR

by Becca Kaiser

WIP label snippet for Roadmap's upcoming special release. Excited about this one!

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Make 2022 your most creative year yet

Get your creative juices flowing this year by finding inspiration, working on stuff you love, and challenging yourself. Not sure where to start? A good old scroll through the Dribbble pages is a great way to find inspiration. Happy designing, friends!

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