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Staying creative on‑the‑go: 3 essential tips for designers

Have you ever felt stuck in a creative rut without a fresh idea to offer? As a designer, creativity is required to solve problems and develop products.

Managing many projects at once can make it difficult for designers to cultivate the creativity they need. You can wait around for inspiration to strike, or you can get a head start.

Learn how to create your best work yet with a mobile-friendly design lifestyle that helps you maximize your creative potential, no matter where you are.

✏️ Thanks to our friends at Acer’s ConceptD for sponsoring this blog post!

To help you spark your creativity, here are three key tips for professional designers.

1. Invest in a mobile-friendly workspace designed for you

You may have always dreamed of going on the road and working while you travel, but mobile setups are crucial for those who don’t work in a typical office setting. For mobility to be comfortable, the setup you use must be portable and functional.

Graphic designers need durable, reliable hardware that is easy to transport with color-accurate displays. Creative professionals who want to travel with their workspace setup without compromising their workflow and output will appreciate Acer’s ConceptD laptops—specifically, the Ezel series.

The ConceptD Ezel laptop doubles as a drawing pad with a digital pen and touch screen so you can create graphics wherever inspiration may strike you. This level of portability is only achieved by a convertible device, and provides multiple ways to create, share, and collaborate.

The Concept D series also comes with a powerful CPU and GPU, cooling system, and an extremely durable design to enable you to work wherever your creativity thrives. Superior thermal performance means a cooler lap temperature and a quieter experience.


2. Automate your processes

To give your fullest attention to your creative activities, it’s important not to ignore the administrative tasks, but to embrace them and control the processes.

Investing some time upfront to manage the “not-so-fun” work such as client communication, project management, payment collections, and accounting, and you’ll have more creative time later. You will be able to spend more time creating if you automate as many of these processes as possible.

Our recommendation is to use tools like Bonsai that allow you to streamline contracts, proposals, invoices, and payment collection from clients. Once you have set up your system, you will find it very easy to manage these activities.

Automating your processes will initially take some effort on your part, but soon you will be able to maximize your creativity and be more agile with your time while advancing your craft.


3. Cultivate your creative community

The importance of relationships, even virtual ones, in these times of disconnect and “remoteness” cannot be underestimated.

Connecting with and supporting one another for inspiration, feedback, or simply social interaction is so important for distributed creatives. Online communities can be great facilitators for all of your needs as a creative on the go.

However, finding the right community to join isn’t always easy.

Consider getting involved with online communities run by reputable companies for designers, like Dribbble and Acer. You can find help with your tech questions, keep up with the latest news in your industry, and much more in Acer’s community. You can be sure they are eagerly awaiting your talent and contributions!

Take your creativity wherever you go.

At the end of the day, the most important thing to do is invest in the tools and resources that will allow you to tap into your full creative potential. Seek out the tools that facilitate your mobile lifestyle, help to make your non-creative processes easier, and allow you to strengthen your creative communities.

Designed for creative professionals, Acer’s ConceptD laptops let you focus on what you love most, creating. Acer’s ConceptD products let you work wherever and whenever you feel most inspired and productive, so you can be a true creative professional.

Remember, stay curious, find your creative community, and invest in your professional future, whether that means improving your skills, your processes, or your tools.

🎨 Blog Illustrations by Irina Molchanova from Ouch!

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