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How freelancers & agencies are using Pitch videos to get more project leads

Ready to grow your creative business with Dribbble’s newest feature, Pitch? Pitch is a personalized video introduction that lives on your Dribbble profile helping you to connect with prospective clients and get new project leads like never before.

Since launching Pitch a few weeks ago, freelance designers and agencies have enjoyed discovering the value of having a personalized video on their Dribbble profile for prospective clients to engage with. Today, we’re excited to share a roundup of some of our favorite Pitch videos to inspire your own!

But first, let’s talk about how Pitch can help you get more project leads as a Pro Business subscriber.

How Pitch can help you get more project leads

How can a personalized Pitch video help you grow your creative business? Whether you’re a freelance designer or a creative agency, here are just a few ways Pitch will help you get new project leads and work opportunities.

  • Get noticed by prospective clients — Your Pitch video lives on your Dribbble profile and Dribbble’s Designer Search where clients search for designers to hire. In fact, designers are 2x more likely to be messaged by potential clients when using Pitch.
Designers are 2x more likely to be messaged by potential clients when using Pitch.
  • Get hired for you, not just your work — Pitch allows you to showcase your personality, creativity, and process in whatever way you choose to stand out from the crowd — because you are more than just a pixel pusher.
  • Schedule client calls easily — With Pitch’s built-in Calendly integration, prospective clients can easily schedule a meeting with you or send you a message directly through your video.
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Introducing Pitch: Tell your story, your way

by Ryan Johnson for Dribbble

Standing out in a sea of creative talent can be a challenge—especially in a day and age where first impressions are made online. So when it comes to your design portfolio, how do you convey who you are and grab the attention of potential clients?To help...

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Get inspired by these engaging Pitch videos

Below are a handful of creative Pitch videos to inspire your own. While these are the most obvious formats for your Pitch video, we encourage you to get creative with it! Let your imagination run wild and tell your story, your way.

Jesse Showalter

Full-stack designer Jesse Showalter uses his Pitch video to showcase his personality and enthusiasm for design. On top of speaking directly to his target audience (startups, Fortune 500 companies, and entrepreneurs), Jesse also speaks to the value he brings to each of his clients—hiring Jesse means you’ll get a passionate advocate for your brand, product, and users.

Amy Hood

Founder of the design studio Hoodzpah, Amy Hood kept her Pitch simple yet effective. She starts out with a quick introduction, explains the type of design services she specializes in, and wraps up with a strong call-to-action at the end. Take a look:

Adrian R. M.

Adrian R. M. is a multidisciplinary Product Designer who created an engaging sizzle reel of his work for his Pitch video. Adrian’s sizzle reel is packed with bold typography, delightful animations, and exciting music to create a one-of-a-kind visual experience that shows potential clients the breadth of his skills. Check it out:

Jordan Grimes

Jordan Grimes is a graphic designer specializing in branding, logo, and illustration design. In Jordan’s Pitch video, he doesn’t only talk about what he does, but also what motivates him, and how he approaches every client project. Through Jordan’s video, clients can easily get a sense of what it’d be like to work with him and start to build that trust.

ARKI Studio

If you’re a designer who sells digital goods, consider using your Pitch video to promote your products in a creative way, like ARKI Studio.. ARKI’s video goes beyond sharing shots of their goods, but shows potential clients how their goods can be used. In 15 seconds, you know exactly what ARKI Studio has to offer.

Lilibeth Bustos Linares

Freelance illustrator Lilibeth Bustos Linares’ Pitch video works well for many reasons. It’s simple yet hits all of the important points Lili wants to communicate to her target clients. She calls out that her illustration work is full of color and positivity, and expresses excitement in starting a conversation with you about your project. Check it out:

Nicole Sgroi

Freelance logo designer & illustrator Nicole Sgroi’s Pitch video creatively combines text, video, and visuals to communicate her message and aesthetic. Plus, Nicole chose to include the starting price point for her branding packages to give clients a full picture of her services while weeding out clients who may not have the budget. Take a look!

5 tips for a successful Pitch

Your Pitch video is one of the first things clients will interact with when they land on your profile, which means it’s important to craft it with care. To help you create a Pitch video that gets you more project leads, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Craft a focused message: Get to the point and tell potential clients exactly what you can do for them. Also, be sure to reiterate the call-to-action you want clients to take for a more focused and effective message.
  • Speak directly to your target audience: Every great designer knows that keeping your audience in mind when it comes to your portfolio is key to attracting the right clients. The same rings true when crafting your Pitch.
  • Let your personality shine through: Use your Pitch to give clients a taste of what it would be like to work with you and tell them something they can’t see by looking at your profile alone.

Keep these tips in mind as you follow the steps below for maximum results!

Upload your Pitch video today

As a Pro Business subscriber, you can upload a Pitch video to your Dribbble profile today. Simply select “Available for work” in your account settings and hover over the briefcase icon at the top right of Dribbble’s main menu to upload your video. Then sit back, and let your Pitch bring you new clients and leads like never before.

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