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Introducing Pitch: A video intro for your Dribbble profile

Standing out in a sea of creative talent can be a challenge—especially in a day and age where first impressions are made online. So when it comes to your design portfolio, how do you convey who you are and grab the attention of potential clients?

To help you put your best (virtual) foot forward and get leads like never before, Dribbble is excited to announce the launch of Pitch—a new feature for freelance designers and agencies to get new freelance leads thanks to a video introduction that plays on their profile.

Pitch by Dribbble

How can Pitch help me?

Pitch is a short video that lives on your Dribbble Profile and our Designer Search page where prospective clients can search and connect with designers they want to hire. Think of it as an ‘elevator pitch’ for your Dribbble profile. Built exclusively for Pro Business subscribers, Pitch adds a highly personal touch to your Dribbble profile which helps you:

  • Get Noticed by Prospective Clients: On your Dribbble profile or Designer search, Pitch helps you stand out and get more prospective clients.
  • Get hired for you, not just your work: Your Pitch video allows you to present yourself and your work in whatever way you choose. It is an opportunity to use your personality and your creativity to stand out.
  • Schedule client calls easily: With our Calendly integration, prospective clients can schedule a meeting with you right from your video saving you time.

For design professionals, Pitch a perfect opportunity to introduce yourself, talk about your process, or showcase a reel of your work to get the attention of prospective clients and ultimately get more project leads.

How to make the most out of your Pitch

As Chris Do famously said, “People hire who they know, who they like, and who they trust.” Here’s how designers looking for new work opportunities and leads can make the most out of using Pitch.

🎬 Keep it short and sweet

Be thoughtful about the length of your Pitch. You want to ensure that your video keeps clients engaged and wanting to know more.

Get to the point. What do you want clients to do after watching your Pitch? Schedule a call? Contact you with their project details? Reiterate the call-to-action you want clients to take for a more focused and effective message.

📣 Speak directly to your target audience

Every great designer knows that keeping your audience in mind when it comes to your portfolio is key to attracting the right clients. The same rings true when crafting your Pitch.

What do you want to communicate to your ideal client? What do they need to know about you and your work? Think through the aspects of your work and personality that will most appeal to your target audience. Then, emphasize that in your Pitch.

🙋‍♀️ Let your personality shine through

Clients want to know the human behind the portfolio. They also want to work with designers who have personalities they find interesting or compatible with the image they feel their project should have. Use your Pitch to give clients a taste of what it would be like to work with you. Let your personality shine through but also keep it professional for maximum results.

Here’s a great example to inspire you by Tanya Oxley:

How to get started

If you’re a Pro Business member, you can record and upload your Pitch today by hovering over the briefcase icon at the top right of Dribbble’s main menu. Then, simply select “Add your Pitch Video” to upload your file, choose your method of contact, and sit back and let your Pitch bring you new clients and opportunities.

Ready to get more freelance leads?

Craft your pitch video and upload it today to let prospective clients know what makes you different. With Pro Business you can record your Pitch today. Not yet a Pro Business member? Learn more about Pitch and subscribe to Pro Business to start attracting new clients like never before.

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