10 graphic designers reimagine the iconic Instagram logo

Since its inception in 2010, Instagram’s logo has drastically evolved from a hyperrealistic polaroid camera to the minimalistic, flat camera icon we know today (see below). And like countless other rebrands, when it came to the most recent logo introduced in 2016, feedback was pretty divided.

Well, leave it to the graphic design community to step in and give their own two cents on the new logo—in style, of course. Keep scrolling to check out 10 reinterpretations of the iconic Instagram logo, courtesy of graphic designers on Dribbble.

Instagram logo evoultion

Which faux Instagram logo is your favorite?

Take a look at all of these Instagram app icon variations designed by graphic designers on Dribbble and let us know which one is your favorite. Better yet, we’d love to see what kind of logo you’d like to see Instagram use. Design it and share it on Dribbble!

IG logo
By Andrey Prokopenko

Instagram logo
By Ruslan Babkin

Instagram logo
By Peter Tarka

Instagram logo
By Martin Naumann

Instagram logo
By Shankar

Retro Instagram logo
By Rafael Serra

Instagram logo
By Lalit

Instagram logo
By Damian Kidd

Instagram logo
By Lisheng Chang

Instagram logo illustration
By Monstroman

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