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7 graphic designers to follow on TikTok for endless inspiration

Whether you’re new to design or looking for ways to expand your skills, the graphic designers of TikTok have got you covered. You heard that, correctly! Graphic designers are flocking to TikTok to share inspiring content from design tutorials, freelancing tips, to favorite resources, and so much more.

We’re enjoying a few TikTok graphic designers in particular, and we think you’ll enjoy their helpful videos just as much as we do. Wherever you are in your design learning journey, you’ll surely be inspired by these accounts. Let’s get straight into it.

1. Margherita Vox — @margheritavox

For endless design tutorials in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, follow graphic designer Margherita Vox. Margherita shares tons of bite-sized videos that break down her process for creating really unique effects that you can apply to your work. For example, this fun tutorial explaining how to create a fat gradient worm!


FAT GRADIENT WORMS 😅✨ #graphicdesign #designtok #illustrator #fyp #tutorial #graphicdesigndaily #visualart #foryou

♬ Shape of You - J.Fla

2. Alyssa Nguyen Design — @atnndesign

If you’re a fan of dreamy, ethereal aesthetics, follow brand and web designer Alyssa Nguyen. Alyssa shares everything from design tips, to insights on how to deal with clients, improving your skills as a graphic designer, and so much more. Check out the video below to see Alyssa’s favorite free font combinations!


Comment and follow to stay on design TikTok ☺️✨ #fonttiktok #designtiktok #designer #greenscreen #fyp

♬ Up Down (Do This All Day) (feat. B.o.B) - T-Pain

3. Swoop Nebula — @swoopnebula

Swoop Nebula is an incredibly talented graphic designer whose poster designs are out of the world. Follow Swoop for tips on how to grow your skills as a graphic designer, Photoshop tutorials, and general design know-how. Here’s a tutorial we love where he demonstrates how to achieve a chrome effect in Adobe Photoshop:


How to do Chrome effects in Adobe Photoshop. 💫

♬ 4cimone - Cimone

4. Mallory Dean — @mdeandesign

UX and Brand Designer Mallory Dean loves to share her web design process, favorite design resources, and valuable career advice for creatives. Follow along for tips on how to grow your creative business, gather web design inspiration, and discover new design tools to help you hone your craft.


#graphicdesign #webdesign #branding #uxdesign #userexperience #visualdesign #smallbusiness

♬ SUNNY DAY - Matteo Rossanese

5. Andrey Azizov — @andreyazizov

Self-proclaimed CEO of ‘Font Tok’ Andrey Azizov is a typographic superstar. We absolutely love his free font roundups among the other design content he shares. If you’re a lover of retro or vintage aesthetics, follow this account for retro font roundups and retro effect tutorials.


These are all free... 😳 follow the link in my IG bio to download these and a bunch more fonts/design resources!! 🕺✨ #fonts #typography

♬ super rich kids - shaun

6. Caitlin Lam — @caitsayshi

Los Angeles-based graphic designer Caitlin Lam is someone you need to follow if you dream of going freelance. Caitlin gives us a behind-the-scenes look into working independently as a designer, while sharing her process for both real-world and imaginary client projects. Check it out!


A little human bean hehe 🌱 #graphicdesigner #productdesigner #coffee #branding

♬ Dreamy Vibes - Ocean Bay Jazz

7. Jenna Palermo — @Jobsxdesign

Jenna Palermo of Jobsxdesign is the ultimate TikTok resource for designers to level-up their career. Whether she’s critiquing designs in the real world, or reviewing the latest new logo rebrand, Jenna will help you develop your eye for design while sharing valuable tips and tricks you can apply to your own work.


Logo review #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner #graphicdesign #advertising #logo #brand #design #typography #type #jobsxdesign #tips #art #review #create

♬ SOL SAN JUAN - Nomad & Lola

Follow more graphic designers on TikTok

TikTok is filled with graphic design content these days, so be sure to browse around and find other inspiring designers to follow that will help you learn and grow in your career. We hope you enjoyed checking out these videos and happy designing!

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