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The answer to all of your web design needs: Meet Editor X

This article was sponsored by our friends at Editor Xthe advanced website creation platform made exclusively for designers & agencies who build sites for others.

Whether you’re a freelance web designer working with clients across industries, or you’re part of a team tackling web creation projects as a collaborative effort, Editor X is a platform you should know about.

Made for serious designers and agencies immersed in the world of design, this creation platform boasts a variety of tools and advanced design capabilities that will turn any client vision into a responsive reality.


Push the limits of your web designs

Nowadays, designers are constantly pushing the limits of what they can create on the web. With Editor X, you get the unique combination of responsive CSS and intuitive drag and drop on a flexible canvas. Deliver the same powerful impact on any screen size with custom breakpoints, and use flex layouts and CSS grid to design seamless, intricate layouts.

Editor X allows you to build, launch, and manage websites with built-in marketing and business solutions, so you can forget about third-party integrations. From robust eCommerce solutions to advanced SEO plans and booking systems, you can build sites that answer all of your client’s business needs.


Collaborate seamlessly with your clients & team

Working with a team? Assign custom roles and permissions to ensure conflict-free collaboration. You can also use shareable design libraries to align brand identities across multiple projects. This comes in handy the busier your workload gets, so you’ll be able to create customizable collections of typography, color themes, and design assets to save, share and reuse on any site in the same account.

What makes the client handover even smoother is Editor X’s code-free CMS. It allows you to update and manage content-rich sites behind the scenes. Connect your content to site designs through organized databases, so you or your clients can make updates regularly without even touching the design.


If you’re searching for inspiration, Editor X’s templates selection will get your creative juices flowing—choose one to work with or use them to learn how elements behave with each other and start designing from a blank canvas. You can also explore some of the top Editor X creations on the Showroom, or visit the Shaping Design blog to keep up with the latest trends and discussions on all things design.

If you’re feeling ready to transform the way you create websites, visit

Editor X Editor X is the advanced website creation platform made exclusively for designers and agencies who build sites for others. Editor X combines cutting-edge, responsive design with intuitive drag and drop on a flexible new canvas. Start creating.

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