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The Music Badge Collaboration: Designers Find New Ways to Connect & Create in 2020

If you’re like most creatives, 2020 might have you feeling totally uninspired, burnt out, and maybe a little lonely too. But in other ways, this year’s challenges have also inspired many of us to find new ways to connect, even despite the physical distance.

Today, we’re sharing the story of The Music Badge Collaboration—a fun, collaborative design project brought to life by graphic designers Aron Leah and Lisa McCormick. In an effort to build community and get the creative juices flowing, Lisa and Aron invited a handful of designers to design a badge inspired by the music they love.

Keep reading to learn more about The Music Badge Collaboration from Aron himself, check out all of the incredible designs that came out of the project, and get inspired to connect, create, and collaborate with your own community.


How it all started

Aron: At the beginning of lockdown back in Spring, myself and Lisa Marie came up with the idea of doing an “Indoor badge” illustration series with a group of talented illustrators and designers. The idea was to illustrate your new indoor life experience during lockdown as a fun parody to the classic ‘outdoor badge’. It ended up being a big hit and everyone involved seemed to really enjoy it!

Since then, Lisa and I chatted about a new collaboration with a different theme. We chose music! The idea was to create a ‘Music badge’ inspired by an artist / band of the designers’ choice. The ‘brief’ was to choose an artist, song, album, gig, or combination of those things to inspire illustration and typography to use in your badge. You were free to choose any genre, any artists, past or present, dead or alive.

Finding time to create personal work is really difficult sometimes, but doing this with a group of people was really motivating.

I think most artists and designers listen to music when they’re making stuff so we hoped this would be a natural and exciting mini-project. The most difficult part for everyone was choosing which artist to create for, and seeing everyone’s different music choices and approach to creating a music badge was just incredible.

Finding time to create personal work is really difficult sometimes, but doing this with a group of people was really motivating and it was so great to connect with a group of really cool individuals.

A huge thanks to all the talented participants and we hope to see everyone again for the next one! Also a big shout out to the great folk at Dribbble for shining a light on this fun project!

The Music Badges

  1. BADGE COLLAB 2020 art illustrator fun artist graphic design drawing typography badge badgedesign design illustration
  2. Badge Design Collaboration II lockup watermelon profile portait women woman lady girl face hand gameboy book music icon sticker patch badge branding illustration design
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  3. The Menzingers badge meteor fire billboard alcohol white house devil album music rock exile punk menzingers
  4. MF - The SUPER VILLAIN handdrawn logo badgedesign badge design illustration identity branding brand identity musicbadge mfdoom
  5. Free The Bees
  6. Music Badge Collab 2020 fire badge patch crest bird outdoor nature vintage retro tree rose wood camping song tent camp fireworks farm sun scout
  7. BADGE COLLAB 2020 stoner witch melvins badge music
  8. Badge Collab 2020 rock n roll god of thunder mythology black bold clean rock guitar lightening design led zeppelin thor logo badge vector
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  9. Badge Collaboration 2020 art direction classic collaboration type badge design badges vintage music lettering typography illustration logo brandidentity logotype
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  10. Badge Design Collaboration 2020 drowning waving pattern music badge illustration sun badge design loyle carner
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  11. Music Badge Collab branding illustration lettering hand lettering typography
  12. BADGE COLLAB 2020 typography geometric art branding logo graphic design illustration design art
  13. BADGE COLLAB 2020 branding logo graphic design illustration design art
  14. Music Badge Collab western cowboy wizard brockhampton fruit bats illustration magic orville peck music art musician badge badge design music badge music

Row 1: Aron leah, Damian Orellana, Kevin Tudball. Row 2: Timothy Brennan, Simon Walker, Michael Penda. Row 3: Kendrick Kidd, Dan Blessing | Design Shark®, Max Hofert. Row 4: Simon Beale, Chie Tamada, Zero Deluxe. Row 5: Zero Deluxe, Mark Johnston.

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