10 Companies Hiring for Remote UX Design Jobs in 2020

Are you a UX designer looking for a great remote job? The good news is that 2020 has opened up a whole new pool of remote job opportunities for both new and seasoned user experience designers alike—even for those with no prior remote work experience.

If you’re on the hunt for a remote UX job, keep scrolling for a list of companies currently hiring UX designers both entry-level and experienced. But before you start submitting those applications, we’ve got a few handy resources for you to look at.

Resources for getting hired in UX design:

Check out the resources below filled with UX portfolio, resume, and interview best practices so you can ensure you’re putting your very best foot forward and nail that job interview:

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  3. Remote Work: Designing VICE illustration video call design vice remote work metalab collaboration work from home wfh

Row 1: Alisa Vu, Darya Semenova, Ka Lee for MetaLab | Product Agency.

1. 1Password

1Password is the easiest way for teams and individuals to store and use strong passwords. Log in to sites and fill forms securely with a single click.

The mission

1Password’s mission is to build the world’s most-loved password manager and give people more control over their data.

What you’ll work on

1Password is looking for an experienced Product Designer to design experiences within 1Password spanning operating systems and devices. You’ll work on designing new features from concept through to development, as well as add your knowledge and expertise to existing elements of 1Password.


Connected in a Remote World people call coworkers team work stayhome covid19 zoom design illustration

Connected in a Remote World

by Noelle O'Saben for Soulsight

For an article centered around how we can stay connected, healthy, and creative in a remote world.

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2. Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company is an American multinational automaker founded by Henry Ford. Since 1903, Ford Motor Company has built iconic vehicles, including Model T, Continental, Mustang, F-series, and Bronco.

The mission

“At Ford Motor Company, we believe freedom of movement drives human progress. We are working to revolutionize mobility, fueled by new challenges and creating solutions to build a better world for everyone.”

What you’ll work on

Ford is looking for a UI/UX designer who is obsessed with exploring and advancing the latest interactive design trends and technologies. You’ll create compelling and thoughtful in-vehicle user experiences with a focus on clean and artful design.


Remote Work workplace video teamwork management employee office communication interface remote work flat illustration conference characters work from home collaboration

Remote Work

by Unini for Felic Art

Hey guys, Glad to share with you the new illustration did for Geekbot! What do you think of this one? Eager to hear your feedback, friends! Studio: Uran Arts Illustrator: Unini Cheers! Press ♥ to show some love!!

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3. Not That, This.

Not That, This is an award-winning Portland-based digital product design & technology agency that helps clients innovate new ideas and products. Clients include Disney, CNN, Cisco, abc, among many others.

The Mission

“We welcome the unknown, the hard challenges, and the quest for the ideal. We thrive on work and results, not meetings.”

What you’ll work on

Not That, This. is looking for a Junior UX designer to support the research, interaction, and user experience design portion of their projects.


Remote Work minimal line illustration laptop mockup smiley face skype zoom remote work video call computer remote

Remote Work

by Sofia Ayuso

Another spot illustration for the project I'm currently working on.

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4. Temple

Temple is a small, fully remote design studio that works with international clients. The team is currently working on the future of sports technology with Supersapiens, exploring innovative ways design can help the medical industry with Arkray, and helping GQ Turkey reach new audiences.


“At Temple, we strive to create things we’re proud of. We believe in creative flexibility and love to learn new tools & disciplines. We always start with the same question: “How can we make this great?”

What you’ll work on

Temple is looking for a UI/UX Designer. Most of your work will revolve around UI/UX Design & Brand Identity Design, but as a small team, you can expect to work in diverse disciplines.


5. Black Spectacles

Black Spectacles helps educate and inspire architects around the world to thrive in their careers. Starting with software learning and expanding to ARE Prep, Black Spectacles now helps thousands of architects get licensed.


“At Black Spectacles, we’re a purpose-driven company, aimed squarely at educating and inspiring architects across the world so they can thrive in their careers.”

What you’ll work on

Black Spectacles is on the hunt for a User Experience Design Lead to build a team and develop a world-class design direction, vision, and strategy for all aspects of Black Spectacles, including their software products (web & mobile), learning products, and marketing materials.


6. Ledger Investing

Ledger is a fully-remote technology company that builds capital market solutions for insurers and institutional investors.


“To create a new standard in insurance financing. Our substantive goal is to craft economic change. With $5 trillion of insurance capital worldwide, we believe there should be a way to invest in insurance risk.”

What you’ll work on

Ledger is looking for a UX Designer to lead the effort for the development their new and existing software applications. You’ll work directly with a designer and small engineering team to deliver high-quality products.


7. Wisely

Wisely is a restaurant CRM tool that helps restaurant operators and marketers to connect with their guests in a way that makes them truly feel valued.


“Everything we do revolves around the belief that personal interactions make people feel valued. Our products bridge the gap between customer data and customer experience.”

What you’ll work on

The Wisely Product team is looking for a Senior UI/UX Web Designer to help lead the continued development of their web dashboard.


Remotely doesn't have to mean alone remote working remote social meet skype telecommunication telecoms remote work work character wrocław tooploox illustration

Remotely doesn't have to mean alone

by Agnieszka for Tooploox

A simple one for the note about supporting social interactions during this not so typical remote working situation. We are in this together

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8. Regily

Regily is a fully remote team that applies advanced technologies to help brands get a registration flow their customers love.


Regily is on a mission to fix one of the truly broken processes of the web and provide the best user registration flows in the world.

What you’ll work on

Regily is looking for a UX Designer to help the team create practical and innovative user experiences. As a UX Designer at Regily, you’ll work with some of the world’s largest companies, and your designs will affect millions of users around the world.


9. Pixellu

Pixellu provides photographers with easy-to-use, time-saving software that allows them to spend less time in front of the computer, and to get back to what they love.


Pixellu is on a mission to deliver intuitive, reliable, and beautiful tools that help photographers succeed day in and day out.

What you’ll work on

Pixellu is looking for a Lead UX / Product Designer to help improve existing products, but also to introduce new products that help to further simplify customers’ lives. Your primary role as the VP of Product will be product strategy.


Online Meeting Illustration meeting characterdesign character minimal illustration flat illustration business conference video conference video chat video call online

Online Meeting Illustration

by Visuel Colonie

Online meeting is best we can do for now until this situation back to normal. I hope every one stay safe and stay sane!

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10. Krit

Krit is a growing digital agency that partners with Cyber Security startups to design and build innovative new products.


“We are super passionate about creating a great place to work. We’re striving to build a culture that’s respectful, kind, supportive, and challenging. You won’t just be a number here—you’ll have a measurable impact on the direction of the business.”


Krit is looking for a UI/UX Designer to work with their clients and their two designers. You’ll work on a mix of new products and new features/redesigns for existing products. For new projects, you’ll own the entire process from user interviews to high fidelity mockups.


Remote Work vector branding remote work computer minimal retro art illustration

Remote Work

by Rogie

Mmmmm look at dem scapes.

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