Fidgeting with Widgets: Designers riff off Apple’s iOS 14 interface

Well friends, with what 2020 has been dealing out, we’re happy to take whatever creative excitement we can get our hands on. And, yes, sometimes that buzz comes in the form of the latest tech news.

Leading up to iOS 14’s debut—and certainly since its release last week—we’ve seen Dribbblers post a litany of Shots showcasing the new bells and whistles of Apple’s update.

One of the key features that has caught the eye of both users and enterprising designers are the operating system’s customizable widgets. Whether it’s organizing bespoke home screens for their phones or crafting widget prototypes for their favorite app, we’ve seen these design elements quickly crop up as a focus here in Dribbble.

In fact, we’ve collected some of our favorite designs that riff on iOS 14’s new widget capabilities—so get inspired to customize your own home screen and even dream up widget iterations for your own favorite apps. Happy designing, Dribbblers!

  1. iOS 14 Apple Card Widget money management apple wallpaper widget mockup iphone ios ios14 14 ux ui typography illustration creative vector fake design design branding art
  2. App Widgets Concept components design system uikit bright color design clean minimal typography ux ui app mobile concept ios14 widget
  3. Unwind Widgets on iOS 14 streak illustration serene nature unwind ios 14 ios14 widgets widget mindfulness breathing calm meditation iphone app
  4. Uber Eats widgets exploration visual design exploration layout ubereats widgets homescreen interface ios14 concept design process case study ux ui flat design
  5. iOS 14 widgets wwdc 2020 wwdc ios-14 ios apple ios 14 ux ui credit card transactions ipad news components fintech widgets ios14 mobile
  6. ios14 widget design exploration email newton spotify workchat app ui design minimal concept clean ios app widget ios ios14
  7. Moment for iOS 14 widgets exploration. homescreen widgets iphone widget ios widget countdown widget ios 14
  8. Apple Card Widget bank apple pay apple card widget iphone ios 14 ios14 apple illustration icon flat ux ui creative vector fake design design branding art
  9. Ride ux ios app design ui
  10. iOS14 Widget Kit quick start template kit ui flat minimal ios14 ios widgets

Row 1: Hemang Suthar, Toma Li, Kushagra Agarwal. Row 2: Thomas C, Chapps, Vishnu Prasad . Row 3: doonnn for Originy, Allen Wang, Hemang Suthar. Row 4: Adrien Rochet, Ralabs, Michal Langmajer.

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