Art by Gaspart

12 on point illustrations that accurately depict WFH life

Have you been working from home since COVID-19? If so, you can probably relate to at least some of these on-point illustrations. WFH life looks different for everyone—but if one thing rings true, it’s that remote life presents a whole new set of new challenges to overcome. Whether you’re watching after kids at home, avoiding the many distractions around you, or resisting the urge to not roll out of bed and start work in your pajamas, we hope these Shots make you feel a little less alone

  1. Working from home workspace sofa laptop wfh working from home freelancer woman dog drawing line illustration
  2. remote software teams code blue texture interuption conversation caracter people desk videocall calligraphy software team remote work cats cat procreate illustration
  3. Work(out) From Home michael parkin people home exercise humour character folioart digital illustration
  4. WFH! freelancer working illustration
  5. WFH HQ divider slide oil paint postcard
  6. Get Work Done arcade studio home interior desk humour character folioart digital illustration
  7. Work At Home 🏠 flatillustration computer working character vector
  8. WFH. branding web character octane 3d wfh beard bong cats weed octanerender cinema4d c4d characterdesign illustraion
  9. Zoom Call gone wrong life from home lockdown covid19 wfh work from home skype burger conference call meeting zoom call zoom quarantine
  10. WFH: Working, Chips, and Boba cute flat design digital painting illustrator gamer editorial girlgamer worldofwarcraft wow gaming girlboss working grinding workfromhome illustrations freelancing homeoffice wfh
  11. Head Space ball laptop hair chair wfh home from working space head inside cooking dog design minimal character graphic man illustration
  12. No Pants No Problem facetime wfh working sitting at desk at desk work remotely social distancing yoga ball work form home video chat video call stay home stayhome quarantine zoom nopants

Row 1: Roxanne Bello, Kasia Bojanowska for Clubhouse, Folio Illustration Agency. Row 2: Adheedhan Ravikumar, Landgrafs, Folio Illustration Agency. Row 3: Gaspart, Rahul Menon for Zeta, kelly tan . Row 4: Anna Salazar, Aron Vellekoop León, Julie Friedenberg.

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