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Art by Roman Klčo

Incredible 3D illustrations of famous fictional places

With so many talented 3D designers and illustrators emerging, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of three-dimensional universes on Dribbble. Today, we’re sharing an extra special collection of 3D illustrations that redesign some of our favorite fictional places from famous TV shows, games, and movies. See if you can recognize them all and take a moment to appreciate all of their intricate details!

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1. The Krusty Krab — SpongeBob

2. Hogwarts — Harry Potter

Hogwarts Castle 3d blender diorama fanart harry potter hogwarts illustration isometric low poly lowpoly lowpolyart

Hogwarts Castle

by Roman Klčo

Too. Many. Towers. 😵This one took me a while longer that the other dioramas but I'm really happy I pushed through. It was the most requested model from the Harry Potter universe and I had to make some sacrifices to make it happen. Like letting go of the...

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3. Weirwood Tree — Game of Thrones

Weirwood 2d 3d animation blender color fanart illustration isometric lowpoly tree


by Nguyen Nhut for Orizon: UI/UX Design Agency

Game of Thrones fanart. Not Dragon or White Walker, this is the most impressive thing in this TV series!! 🍿

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4. Planet Express Ship Station— Futurama

Futurama 3d blender diorama fanart futurama illustration isometric low poly lowpoly lowpolyart render


by Roman Klčo

Good news everyone! :D Finally, I got to tackle one of my all time favourite themes. I really ought to do something else, but I was already in my pyjamas. Yes, I admit. I like Futurama more that Simpsons :) Where do you stand? ------------ If you want ...

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Link's House 2d 3d animation blender character color cute design fanart illustration isometric lowpoly nintendo tree zelda

Link's House

by Nguyen Nhut

I was very excited when watching the Link's Awakening trailer from Nintendo. That's why I made this shot !! I love Zelda series a lot!

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6. Living Room — Stranger Things

Stranger Things Living Room 3d blender design diorama fanart illustration interior isometric living room low poly lowpoly lowpolyart model render stranger things

Stranger Things Living Room

by Roman Klčo

I must say that when the first season arrived, I was skeptical, but after a while it really grown on me. The 80's atmosphere, monsters design and most of all - Dungeons and Dragons! Season 3 is here, are you planning to watch? :) You can follow here 👇 ...

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7. Sea Duck Station — TaleSpin

Tale Spin 3d blender design diorama disney fanart illustration isometric low poly lowpoly lowpolyart model render seaduck talespin

Tale Spin

by Roman Klčo for Shakuro

This show was a large part of my childhood, so I wanted to create some tribute. The choice was obvious - the precious sea duck airplane. The fantasy airplane Conwing L-16 is actually inspired by two real world hydroplanes and the world is built on diese...

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8. Cave of Wonders — Aladdin

Room With Aladdin's Lamp — The Rooms Project 3d 3dart aladdin animation c4d cinema4d design disney gold illustration lamp quarantine redshift render room treasure

Room With Aladdin's Lamp — The Rooms Project

by Amrit Pal Singh

Visit Full Project:

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9. The Simpson’s House

Simpsons 3d 3d illustration blender diorama house illustration isometric simpsons


by Roman Klčo

I'm pretty sure you all know this house :) I wanted for this to have a bit of toy-like feeling, so I didn't go low poly, but rather added some curved shapes to represent that plastic feel. What do you think? ------------ If you want to learn, how to ma...

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10. Bilbo Baggin’s Study — The Hobbit

Bilbo Baggin's Study The Hobbit — The Rooms Project 3d 3d art books cinema4d fanart freebie inspiration isolation quarantine redshift redshift3d the rooms project trend
Shot Link

Bilbo Baggin's Study The Hobbit — The Rooms Project

by Amrit Pal Singh

Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit are synonyms to adventure. Whether you like the series or not, you can't deny you want to visit The Shire in Middle Earth.

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