✨ Design For The Signs—Dreamy Shots Inspired by The Zodiac

Whether you’re a die-hard astrology enthusiast or partake in the occasional horoscope reading, we’re positive you’ll enjoy these dreamy designs inspired by each star sign. Today’s dose of design inspiration is brought to you by each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac. From the courageous and confident Aries, to the compassionate and intuitive Pisces, we hope you come away with some stellar design inspiration.

♈  Aries: The Ram

  1. Aries season fire astrology horoscope zodiac aries sign aries illustration aries woman procreate illustration procreate illustrations illustration digital illustration art girl portrait girl character composition girl art character illustration
  2. Horoscope Series #1: Aries pink fire ram sheep aries zodiac sign horoscope illustration graphic design digital art design blue animal
  3. Aries design horoscopes typography illustration
  4. Aries the Ram ram character animals yellow red childrens book zodiac illustration
  5. Aries Cuphead horoscope cuphead logo typography dance identity branding ux character illustration

Row 1: Ruxandra Nastase, JoJo Lee, Britt Edwards. Row 2: Wendy Chan, Anna Hurley, Oksana.

♉ Taurus: The Bull

  1. Zodiac Horoscope Hand Drawn Logos tauruslogo taurus zodiac sign typography print illustration logo stamp hand drawn logo hand drawn logo templates logo pack icon logodesign astrology horoscope logos logo zodiac
  2. Horoscope Series #4: Taurus zodiac sign taurus orange illustration horoscopes horoscope graphic design earth digital art design bull blue animal
  3. MINXTVR mystic taurus bull myth mythology wip raw ancient greek minotaur
  4. Taurus Poster Update outline print horoscope illustration line zodiac poster
  5. The Bull geometric editorial illustration horoscope marijuana cannabis celestial texture procreate illustration zodiac astrology taurus bull
  6. Taurus lettering flourish vines leaves star celestial floral bull taurus zodiac

Row 1: Ruxandra Nastase, JoJo Lee, Collserola. Row 2: Bojan Joncic, Gillian Levine, Sydney Goldstein.

♊  Gemini: The Twins

  1. Gemini (Birthday Song) texture human greek tangle microphone astrology
  2. Gemini gemini
  3. Horoscope Series #7: Gemini zodiac sign illustration horoscopes horoscope graphic design gemini wind god thunder god
  4. Gemini zodiac sign girl girl illustration stars star sign astrology zodiac gemini
  5. Twins gemini astrology twins heads woman branding vector logo dots nude mystic girls color icon lineal girl design illustration
  6. Gemini Season illustration stairs duality twins marbling bodies

Row 1: Charlie Wagers, Angelica Baini, JoJo Lee. Row 2: Kaeli Day, Cynthia Torrez, Kasha Killingsworth.

♋  Cancer

  1. Cancer Zodiac illustration zodiac crab cancer
  2. Horoscope Series #10: Cancer zodiac sign zodiac water kelp underwater illustration horoscope sign horoscope crab cancer
  3. Cancer Zodiac cancer design vector astrology folk sticker graphic illustration illustrator zodiac
  4. Cancer horoscope cancer
  5. Cancer water procreate illustration cancer signs zodiac astrology hermit crab crab marijuana cannabis leafly
  6. The Crab celestial overlay texture procreate editorial illustration illustration tincture cbd cannabis the signs zodiac astrology crab cancer

Row 1: Maj , JoJo Lee, Renae Lorentz. Row 2: Angelica Baini, Gillian Levine, Gillian Levine.

♌  Leo: The Lion

  1. Lion Cup Head lion king leo horscope lion dance icon anime ui branding design character illustration
  2. The Lion horoscope celestial procreate overlay texture editorial illustration cannabis leo astrology illustrator illustration
  3. Leo Season lion leo zodiac astrology icon sketch illustration vector color logo design
  4. Leo Woman sun power gold monochrome spirit animal lion woman girl illustration
  5. Zodiac - Leo line art line letterpress monoline astrology zodiac signs zodiac lion logo leo lion red animal logo animal design branding brand fun icon logo illustration
  6. Leo lion design illustration editorial zodiac sign horoscope

Row 1: Oksana, Gillian Levine, Debbie Trout. Row 2: Flávia Mayer, Em , Delaney Gibbons.

♍  Virgo: The Virgin

  1. The Virgo season is on horoscope zodiac signs virgo zodiac sign zodiac sweet scandinavian character design character friendly pastels illustration leena kisonen flat color
  2. Virgo the Virgin character woman virgo
  3. Horoscope Series #5: Virgo zodiac sign virgo orange illustration horoscopes horoscope graphic designer girl earth digital art blue animal
  4. Zodiac - Virgo sparkle fun red feminine logo female flower woman girl monoline virgo astrology zodiac signs zodiac vector design branding brand logo illustration icon
  5. Virgo zodiac signs moon star rainbow zodiac sign horoscope zodiac virgo badge 70s psychedelic retro vintage lettering typography drawing illustration design
  6. Zodiac - Virgo 2-color astrology greek flowers lady illustration midcentury modern midmod virgo zodiac

Row 1: Leena Kisonen, Owen Davey, JoJo Lee. Row 2: Em , Meghan Wallace, Keith Lowe.

♎  Libra: The Scales

  1. Libra 70s flower sign scales stars astrology zodiac libran libra
  2. Horoscope Series #8: Libra zodiac sign scales snake naga illustration horoscopes horoscope library graphic design libra
  3. Libra Season girl character balancing pink poster art horoscope zodiac libra girl illustration girl character scandinavian friendly colorful illustration leena kisonen flat color
  4. Zodiac Sign - Libra zodiac symbols signs illustrated gemini f1digitals creative cool libra

Row 1: Kaeli Day, Qieer Wang, Sasha Andreeva. Row 2: JoJo Lee, Leena Kisonen, F1 Digitals.

♏  Scorpio: The Scorpion

  1. Scorpio Logo Stamp Horoscope Icon procreate illustration procreate logo procreate art procreate zodiac signs print illustration logo scorpio horoscope sign scorpio zodiac sign zodiac sign horoscopes zodiac astrology horoscope scorpio sign scorpio icon scorpio logo scorpion scorpio
  2. Scorpio for "S" symbol geometry predator letter s wild animal stars star sun scorpion scorpio illustration mark geometric modern
  3. SCORPIO SZN astrology november october horoscope zodiac scorpion scorpio
  4. Zodiac - Scorpio sparkle star flat vector cute insect bug animal logo animal red icon set minimal clean astrology zodiac sign zodiac scorpion scorpio icon illustration
  5. Scorpio geometric line art leaves marijuana zodiac illustration procreate texture scorpion astrology scorpio
  6. Horoscope Series #11: Scorpio zodiac sign zodiac water illustration horoscope sign horoscope scorpion scorpio

Row 1: Ruxandra Nastase, NAD, Allison Supron. Row 2: Em , Gillian Levine, JoJo Lee.

♐ Sagittarius: The Archer

  1. Sagittarius body girl woman design mystic archer moon constellation cosmic astrology zodiac signs zodiac astral sagitario sagittarius
  2. Sagittarius colorful graphic design sunlight forest girl illustration design sagittarius
  3. Sagittarius symbol marks man horse mythology arrow bow astrology zodiac sagittarius
  4. Horoscope Series #3: Sagittarius zodiac sign pink sagittarius illustration horoscopes horoscope archer horse graphic design centaur fire digital art design blue animal
  5. The Archer editorial illustration procreate texture archer sagittarius celestial horoscope stars zodiac astrology joint marijuana cannabis leafly illustrator illustration
  6. Sagittarius Cup Head horoscope typography animation anime uidesign ui cuphead vector branding design character illustration

Row 1: Cynthia Torrez, Blue, vacaliebres. Row 2: JoJo Lee, Gillian Levine, Oksana.

♑  Capricorn: The Sea Goat

  1. 30 Minute Challenge (Astrology) goat thing logo stars space capricorn astrology
  2. Fonts.com Hero Image capricorn illustration stars constellations texture star-chart goat zodiac
  3. Horoscope Series #6: Capricorn zodiac sign shark orange illustration horoscopes horoscope graphic design goat earth digital art blue animal
  4. Capricorn horoscopes fashion woman people character editorial illustration
  5. Zodiac - Capricorn letterpress simple clean minimal flat vector monoline astrology zodiac icon set illustration icon capricorn fish logo sea goat goat animal logo animal
  6. Capricorn - Astrology Illustration editorial licensing illustrator magazine astrology gouache creature animal art zodiac signs capricorn illustration

Row 1: Ryan Vatzlavick, Andrew Colin Beck, JoJo Lee. Row 2: Justina Leisyte, Em , Lisa's Balcony.

♒ Aquarius: The Water-Bearer

  1. Horoscope Series #9: Aquarius feather wind illustration gourd tengu zodiac sign zodiac horoscope sign horoscope aquarius
  2. Zodiac : aquarius ♒️ - alt version lille illustrateur painting art digital art flat procreate retro aquarius horoscope zodiac illustrator illustration
  3. Aquarius Cuphead app identity icon drawing gamedisgn game cuphead horoscope cartoon fish vector branding character illustration
  4. Aquarius esoteric vector girl body nude woman mystic illustration zodiac astrology aquarius
  5. Aquarius men water aquarius constellation
  6. Aquarius waves astrology stars aquarius horoscope

Row 1: JoJo Lee, Samuel Markiewicz, Oksana. Row 2: Cynthia Torrez, Ilya Shapko, Ellen Mosiman.

♓ Pisces: The Fish

  1. Pisces zodiac pisces animal fish vector logo illustration
  2. Pisces horoscopes water fish pisces astrology
  3. Pisces hand draw flower stars fish zodiac sign zodiac astrology pisces
  4. Pisces folk art folk folkart fish pisces zodiac graphic design illustration
  5. Pisces Woman procreateapp pisces woman vector illustration
  6. Horoscope Series #12: Pisces zodiac sign zodiac water koi fish pisces illustration horoscope sign horoscope

Row 1: Connor McShane for Soulsight, Ellen Mosiman, Kaeli Day. Row 2: Renae Lorentz, Brenda Bird, JoJo Lee.

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