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New ways to get discovered on Dribbble

With more and more designers joining Dribbble to share their work every day, we’ve been hard at work developing new ways for designers to get discovered. As a portfolio network, discovery is core to our mission to make designers successful, at any level in their career.

Starting today, we’re excited to introduce a curated New & Noteworthy section specifically focused on up and coming designers, a new work availability toggle, and the ability to “Boost Shots”—allowing designers to promote their work to a greater audience on Dribbble.

New & Noteworthy

We designed our New & Noteworthy section as a curated feed of the best work being posted to Dribbble by up-and-coming designers. This brand new feed is handpicked by our content team and gives us the ability to feature all of the compelling work from promising designers and design teams.

This front-and-center spotlight will live alongside our heavily trafficked Following and Popular Shots sections and will serve as the next frontier of designer discovery.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything different to be featured here, just keep posting the same amazing work you already are.

Tell the world you’re available

Our availability toggle has been buried inside of your account settings, but given the importance of finding work in this uncertain time, we decided to bring it directly onto the main navigation.

Soon you’ll see a brand new availability toggle in the main navigation of your account, so if you’re looking for freelance or full-time opportunities, tell the world you’re available on Dribbble so hiring managers and project owners can pro-actively reach out to you. This allows you to show up in search results for hiring managers and project owners looking for designers to hire and, for Pros, this will display a “hire me” button on your profile.

We’ll be rolling this out to accounts shortly so if you don’t see it yet — you’ll see it very soon.

By designers, for designers

Historically only big brands with big budgets could promote themselves on Dribbble. We’ve decided to flip this concept on its head, giving the power of promotion to the community so advertising on Dribbble is more and more, by designers, for designers.

We’re incredibly excited to announce our brand new Boosted Shots feature for designers and teams looking for extra exposure. Whether you’re looking to promote a good or product, seeking your next work opportunity, or looking for greater reach on your work, Boosted Shots is the perfect utility to get your message out and be discovered.

We want to put the power of distribution in your hands. We know everyone has a story they're looking to tell, and Boosted Shots is one more way you can share it with our vibrant community.

Boosting a Shot is incredibly easy. After posting a Shot (or on any Shot you’ve already posted) you’ll have the option to boost it for extra exposure. Select your button copy, add a description, and tell us the number of impressions you’d like to receive.

With Boosted Shots, you have the ability to direct people to your dedicated Shot page, your profile or to a custom, external URL. We’ll distribute your Shot throughout the platform to ensure it has the greatest reach possible.

Whether you’re looking to drive awareness, reach new customers, or promote a new product, Boosted Shots gives you the ability to reach a greater audience on Dribbble. We can’t wait to see what type of content you choose to boost!

Where do Boosted Shots appear?

Boosted shots will appear on dedicated shot pages and shot modals and will replace our current display advertising.

More is on the way…

We’re super excited to show you everything else we have planned for this year. From case studies to an improved search experience, to a revamped portfolio product—we have our most ambitious roadmap ahead of us, all in the name of making designers around the world successful. Stay tuned!

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