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Art by James White

Here are the New Year's resolutions designers are setting for 2020

At the very end of last year, we asked our design community on Instagram what goals they wanted to reach most in 2020. As you can imagine, responses were scattered across the board, but there were a few popular new year’s resolutions that we thought were worth sharing. Check out what your design peers are looking to accomplish next year and get inspired to reach for the stars in 2020.

Don’t forget to check out the amazing Shots from our first Weekly Warm-Up of 2020 where we challenge our community to design a typographic quote showcasing their New Year’s Resolutions!

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  2. Motivation design illustration illustration ui ux design illustrations web
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Row 1: Jennifer Hood for Hoodzpah, 伍陆柒 for innn, Zellene Guanlao.

Get into Product Design

Whether it be starting a career in Product Design or transitioning to a different design discipline, our community is eager to dip their toes into what our Global Design Survey identified as the most coveted type of designer companies are currently looking to hire:

” I want to be a Product Designer and want to start [my] own business.

“Complete the UI/UX designing course, grab a job, aim for Product Manager🔥❤️

“Transition from Graphic Design to UI Design.

File Explorer (UI map) app application archive cuberto design explore file finder interface ios layout mobile mockups product design search ui ui map ux yellow

File Explorer (UI map)

by Cuberto for Cuberto

-- Looking for UI app design? Learn more about our works here and contact us: info@cuberto.com

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Instill better self-care habits

Every creative practitioner can benefit from setting aside time to take care of themselves outside of work. As you can see, many designers are hoping to prioritize healthy lifestyles that include self-care in 2020, so in turn, they can create better work.

“For 2020 I want to get my daily routine back in order, wake up early, meditate, eat fresh & healthy, and learn how to divide my time between work, personal development, and family life. And maybe, just maybe… I’ll finally finish designing my portfolio website. 🙏

“Practice and prioritize true rest, to both fuel creativity and be a healthier human being.

“Stay happy and healthy in spirit and body with family and friends👌. Work creatively and effectively. 🤗

Love Yourself conceptual ear fun love yourself negative space self care

Love Yourself

by Viet Huynh

Self care. Hell yeah.

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Create something every day

You’ve probably heard time and time again that the most effective way to develop your design skills is to create regularly and consistently—whether it be an 100-day or a 30-day design challenge, (or even Dribbble’s Weekly Warm-Up!), designers want to challenge themselves to get out of their comfort zone and keep creating in 2020:

“To create something every day and enjoy it in the process. 😌

“To increase my knowledge and work every day on posters and graphics to be more good and expressive in it, so that I can improve my skills and design eye.

“I want to create a piece of graphic design work every day 😬😁

Land a full-time design job

One of the more popular new year’s resolutions seemed to be to land a great design job. Whether fresh out of school, or transitioning into a new role, designers are ready for their next big move, and we support it!

“Get a job. Pretty self-explanatory, have to pay rent, bills, for food, etc.

“Get a job! I’m a fresh graphic design graduate.

“To get a full-time job (just graduated) and to teach myself After Effects. 😁

“Get a full-time UI design job. That’s the first step.

interview blue illustration interview man site texture womans


by Albee Shen

Try to use mixed mode to draw this illustration, I hope you like this style. Next, I will try to keep drawing T T Last but not least, hit "L" on that keyboard to share some ❤️ and stick around for future inspiration. Thank you all. Follow me to see more.

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Share more work

You know that feeling when you create something that you don’t absolutely love or don’t think is worth sharing? Well, designers want to get over that impostor syndrome in 2020 and keep making efforts to share their work more often. Please do! We’d really like to see it.

“To not be so hung up on being perfect, and commit to completing work.

“Show my work to the world. So much work was done but nothing uploaded on Dribbble 🤦🏼‍♂️

“To launch my first comic book. It’s been a dream of mine for so long and I’m ready to share some magic, art and a cool story with the world!

share the love hands heart illustration love share valentines vector

share the love

by Kika Klat

Happy Valentines Day!

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Expand on new & existing skill sets

Of course, with a new year comes an itch to learn new skills or even develop existing ones. Designers expressed interest in boosting their skills in all kinds of different areas in 2020, especially illustration! Check it out:

“I’d love to expand my client base and oddly enough, do more food-related illustration and design. Food is my second favorite way to create and it’s so fun to illustrate!

“Learn and become proficient at Procreate 🤙🏼 been attached to the pen tool forever.

“Buy a Wacom board and start digital illustrations. 😁

Motivation design illustration illustration ui ux design illustrations web


by 伍陆柒 for innn

Positive, optimistic life. Instagram

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That’s a wrap! We hope these designers’ new year’s resolutions inspire you to think about your own goals for 2020. Rest assured, whatever you want to accomplish next year, you have a huge community of supporters rooting you on. Let’s make this year a great one!

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