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What happens when designers gather IRL: October's Dribbble Meetups

October was a busy month for the Dribbble community—we saw over 20 Meetup events brought to life, all across the globe! Coming in all shapes and sizes—with some featuring design talks, Analog Playoffs, and workshops—attending or hosting a Dribbble Meetup is a great way to experience and build up your local design scene.

Be sure to check out our schedule of upcoming meetups for the chance to meet, talk shop, and network with designers, studios, and practitioners who live in your very own neighborhood. In addition to hanging out and making connections, there’s always plenty of good vibes to go around, and you might just do battle with your new friends while testing your design skills during an action-packed Analog Playoff.

Here’s just a sample of some of the Dribbble Meetups that took place last month. Keep an eye out for one coming to your city soon—you won’t want to miss out!

Mexico City, Mexico

“For the October edition of the Dribbble Mexico City Meetups, we had the pleasure of having Danna Kiedis, cofounder and boss-lady at .SABLE., and a Mexico City Dribbble Meetup OG. This meetup’s topic was “Should Designers Code? Should Developers Design?” Over 50 people showed up to discuss the importance of being multidisciplinary and learning to speak the different languages involved in digital design. Danna’s deck was full of great insights, accompanied by her usual raw and in-your-face style.”

“Our marvelous host and the brains behind the meetups—Abril Garibay—did an awesome job setting everything up with the great folks at Platzi, who were kind enough to sponsor us with a comfortable venue, drinks, and snacks. After more than three years, the Mexico City Meetups are going strong, so if you haven’t had the chance to attend one, we’ll be very happy to see you on the next one!”


Chicago, Illinois

“This first casual Dribbble Meetup in Chicago was a great success. A cozy meetup of nearly twenty UX/UI’ers, illustrators, and other creatives in Chicago’s Loop, it was a night filled with light networking, talking shop, and sharing tips.”

“Having the opportunity to meet creatives from other disciplines and outside one’s usual network turned out to be a real eye-opener for both the junior and the senior creatives who attended. Looking forward to continuing these get-togethers with the design family in Chicago and planning more meet-ups in the future”


Uyo, Nigeria

“This was our first Dribbble Meetup for students and instructors, which was very much fun-filled. Twenty-four attendees enjoyed coffee, sandwiches, games as well as a keynote talk given by the event host: ‘Why Young Designers Should Take Advantage of Dribbble.’ Our Meetup lasted five hours, and we had six new players join Dribbble during the event! Thank you so much Dribbble—we’re so happy to be a part of the community!”


Sargodha, Pakistan

“First of all thanks to Dribbble for the swag! Our Dribbble Meetup took place in the Sargodha E-Library, where the topics we discussed included What is UI & UX Design, How to Earn as a Freelancer, What is Dribbble, and Making a Strong Portfolio Using Dribbble. Speakers included me—Affan Ahmed—Sr. UX Designer at punch.cool, and Khansa Saleem—lecturer at University of Sargodha.”


Pampanga, Philippines

“The event was successful—we were able to gather more people than we expected! We featured two invited speakers—Jan Harold Diaz who talked about the Design System for UX Team, and also Errel Nino, who spoke on the UX Agile for Enterprise.”



The following Dribbble Meetups are happening soon. For the full list of upcoming meetups, visit our Meetups page.

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