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Community building at its best: Dribbble's September Meetups 2019

September proved to be chock-full of design events in the Dribbble Meetup community! This past month we saw Dribbblers from across the globe gather, get to know one another, and build community together—in-person. These design meetups came in all shapes and sizes, with some featuring design talks, Analog Playoffs, workshops and more. Take a look below at a sample of just some of the events that went down!

Now, are you interested in building up your very own local design community? Scouting out a Dribbble Meetup is one way to make that happen. Check out our schedule of upcoming meetups for the chance to meet, bond, and talk shop with designers in your very own backyard. There’s always plenty of good vibes to go around, and you very well may do battle with your new friends while testing your design acumen during an action-packed Analog Playoff. You’ll have a chance to not only learn and meet some amazing people, but also pick up some sweet Dribbble swag and goodies along the way.

And, hey, if you’re up to it, consider hosting a Dribbble Meetup yourself in your city or town.

Medellín, Colombia

“The first Dribbble Meetup in Medellín gathered designers to teach them what Dribbble is all about—we talked about Shots, Dribbble’s Weekly Warm-Up, and how to start an amazing community of designers in our city. We also talked about icon design, including tips and tricks to learn how to create designs based on communication effectiveness.”


Tampa, Florida

“For our September meetup, we were fortunate to have Brendan Ciccione from Tampa Bay Sketch join us and give a live demo of Sketch. Following the demonstration, attendees were able to take part in a Q&A session to discuss the software in greater detail. To round out the meetup we had our analog challenge where everyone tackled the concept of mobile icons. The meetup was attended by designers in fields from print production, to UI design, and even architecture! The meetup was a blast and everyone got the opportunity to learn about a new tool and how it could help their design flow.”


Amsterdam, Netherlands

“We had an amazing turnout with more than 80 designers under one roof. We followed the theme of ‘Let’s gather around and tell stories as you would around a campfire’—we heard talks from Make ‘em Say and Patswerk. The evening continued with tons of marshmallows, snacks, and drinks. Even though it was a “school night” we kept hanging out into the night. Thanks to our host Mobiquity and all the designers that showed up! Hope to get even bigger and better next year, and keep in touch with the Dribbble community.”


Patiala, India

“We were very excited to host the First Royal City Dribbble Meetup in Patiala! Nearby creatives gathered to connect and share their life as designers and level up their freelancing process. We shared knowledge about graphic design and UI trends, and had Analog Playoff games. We’ll be looking forward to the next Meetup—thanks to everyone for a great event!”


Mumbai, India

“It was great hosting the Mumbai Dribbble Meetup. We had over 200 attendees and 20 volunteers for one great event. Hosted by DesignBoat UI/UX School, the meetup was kicked off by a session from its founder, who shared a vision of design training in India. This was followed by an informative talk on designing for user requirements—plus our audience also participated in a unique game called ‘Future of X’, where we designed day to day products 50 years in the future.”


Orlando, Florida

“This month, Anna Cruz shared her beginnings as a visual designer, her community-based work, and how collaborating with other creatives has often lead her to new and regarding experiences in her career.”



The following Dribbble Meetups are happening soon. For the full list of upcoming meetups, visit our Meetups page.

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