Fresh highlights from August's Dribbble Meetups 2019!

August was a busy month for the Dribbble Meetup community! This past month saw Dribbblers gather and get to know one another from Toronto to Tampa, and San José to Montevideo. These informative and entertaining design meetups spanned the gamut, taking the form of official design talks and workshops in big cities, all the way to more informal get-togethers amongst design enthusiasts in smaller cities.

Looking to get to know your very own local design community? Well, friends, attending a Dribbble Meetup is a surefire way to make that happen. Be sure you check out our schedule of upcoming meetups for the chance to talk shop with creative practitioners in your own backyard. You’ll find good vibes, and maybe do friendly battle over and test your design skills with an Analog Playoff.

Without question, you’ll have a chance to not only learn and meet some amazing people, but also pick up some sweet Dribbble swag and goodies along the way.

San José, Costa Rica

“For the fourth consecutive time, we came together as a community, this time to learn from five amazing speakers about ‘Doing It Yourself.’ We learned about creating self-published comics and illustrations, how to find passion and confidence in yourself, how to embrace limitations and use them in your favor, and how a group of women are stronger together and push for important change in the industry and society with our amazing friends from Ladies, Wine and Design San José. It was an amazing experience that gathered about 50 people. Our Dribbble Meetups keep getting more and more awesome each year.”


Tampa, Florida

“Tampa’s sixth meetup of 2019 was hosted by the awesome team at Dunn & Co., one of Tampa’s leading ad agencies. The folks at Dunn gave an inspiring presentation showing some of their most recent work, as well as discussing their design process and how the approach each project. The meetup took place in the historic Corina cigar factory, which served as inspiration for our Analog Playoff, where our designers were tasked with designing their own cigar label. With almost two dozen attendees, this meetup was our biggest, and an exciting example of the things this group is capable of doing together!”


Toronto, Canada

“Toronto’s meetup was fun and it was a pleasure for me to host a Dribbble Meetup for the first time and feel like contributing a tiny bit to the creative community. Creatives gathered after work to share personal experiences, talk design, and engage with each other. During the analog activities, we shared a good laugh drawing a continuous line self-portrait and composites with letter-shaped stickers — a good time to be silly and creative. I’m excited to see where our next meetup will take us and motivate more people to join us!”


Montevideo, Uruguay

“The Montevideo Dribbble Meetup was amazing. We learned about accessibility and how important it is to consider in our designs because it affects us all. We did an exercise bringing ideas about accessibility issues in everyday life and the results were really interesting! Multiple accessibility issues were found and discussed. We aim to have conversations about topics that involve design, ethics, and people, encouraging attendants to spread knowledge and share with others. Thanks again to Dribbble for all the support!”


Evanston, Illinois

“We had an amazing happy hour at the Spool Marketing Evanston office with some seriously talented creatives—thank you to everyone that attended and to Dribbble for partnering with us for this event!”



The following Dribbble Meetups are happening soon. For the full list of upcoming meetups, visit our Meetups page.

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