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Fusing a passion for music and design with Eric Nyffeler

Get to know your fellow Dribbbler Eric Nyffeler! Eric is a graphic designer, illustrator, and musician currently based in the Pacific Northwest. His gritty geometry, analog textures, and mid-century whimsy have landed his work in some of the nation’s most hallowed walls and pages.

Photo by Rowan Bradley.

Tell us about yourself and how you got into design.

Starting right off the bat with the big questions, huh?! My name is Eric Nyffeler and I am a design, illustration, screenprinting, musician guy who was born and bred in the Midwest (Nebraska specifically) but now calls Portland, Oregon home. I never directly intended on being a designer or illustrator because I thought it would interfere with my career as an international Rock and Roll star.

I never directly intended on being a designer or illustrator.

I enrolled in some entry-level design and typography classes in college because I thought it would come in handy for designing my own band merch and would save some money in the process. But, I almost instantly realized that design was what I’d been looking for my entire life. And now I’m here, in Portland, working in a studio in a hundred-year-old renovated cereal manufacturing factory, drawing pastel trees and critters for people and companies all around the world!

Photo by Rowan Bradley.

What are you working on?

I typically have anywhere between ten and twenty projects in some state of progress, so I’ll stick with what I have actually worked on this week. I have been working on a guitar pedal design for a Canadian musical instrument company, sketches for the album art for my favorite band of the last decade, a couple of different editorial illustrations, and some drawings of fake videogames for a Bay area tech company.

What else are you passionate about outside of design? How does this influence your work?

Besides design, music is the most important part of my life. Actually, it might be even more important? I’m not sure. I have played in a number of weirdo bands since the time I was fifteen, so I’m always writing or scheming some sort of musical project.

My obsession with musical equipment has introduced me to a handful of amazing instrument and gear designers around the world, so I have been collaborating more and more to actually help design and create the musical gear itself!

  1. Teenage Engineering OP-1 electronic electronics illustration instrument music musical instrument op1 synth synthesizer texture
  2. Waterfalls distress fir trees foliage forest illustration nature package design pine trees plants texture trees waterfalls wilderness woods
  3. Outside Lands gigposter bridge cactus flowers gigposter houseplants illustration leaves plants poster san francisco texture wine

What is your favorite piece of creative advice?

Don’t be afraid to ask for work. No one can hire you for projects if they don’t know you exist.

Do you have any events, speaking gigs, merch, workshops, classes, or products you’d like to give a shout-out?

I’m really excited for this October when I’ll head to Memphis for the first time for the Creative Works Conference
. I’ll be a vendor there with a lot other amazing people. I’m hoping to put a lot of real faces to internet names at that event.

I also recently released my Synth Dungeon
 screen-printed poster, which is an homage to some of my favorite synths of all time. Proof of just how big a nerd I am!

Synth Dungeon cassette electronic gadget gear illustration instrument keyboard moog music musical instrument piano poster screenprint synth synthesizer

Synth Dungeon

by Eric Nyffeler

After years and years of endless requests, I am finally releasing my “SYNTH DUNGEON” screenprinted poster into the world! This print is a companion piece to my earlier guitar pedals and amplifiers prints and is perfect for any techno/ambient/funk/experi...

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Shout-out another Dribbble designer you admire.

My number one Dribbble person is my number one person as a whole—the amazing Brett Stenson. I mean, just look at his stuff! No one has better shapes in the world:

  1. Pacific Wonderland cut paper doodle illustration lettering paint primitive type weird
  2. Northern Pike animal design doodle doodle art drawing illustration
  3. 10x18 No. 7 - Kamasi Washington album art album artwork art draw drawing illustration music people portrait type

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