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Behind the Design with Ryan Putnam

Earlier this year, we launched our New Dribbble Shop and we’re so excited to highlight some of the amazing designers behind the products for sale. This week, get to know designer, illustrator, and potter Ryan Putnam.

Ryan designed a sweet and stylish canvas tote bag inspired by the often chaotic design process. Learn more about Ryan and get the inside scoop on the idea behind his design.


Tell us about yourself and how you got started on Dribbble.

My name is Ryan Putnam and I’m a designer, illustrator, and potter. My most recent work is focused on creating illustration systems for tech companies. In the past, I worked on numerous brands, illustrations, designs, and writing projects. I also like to work on a bunch of personal projects that include printmaking, ceramics, and music. Dribbble has always been a great way to share these projects with friends.

  1. Expressionless Cap
  2. Ceramics Layout 3
  3. Shop Freebies

How has the Dribbble community helped you grow as a designer?

Dribbble has always been a great place for me to share stuff I’m excited about or stuff I am experimenting with. It has also been a great place to connect with awesome people.

Behind the design: Elaborate on your inspiration and the design process behind the Tangled Pencil canvas bag.

With this illustration, I was trying to capture the feeling of wrestling with ideas before they come clear. It started as a doodle on my iPad using Procreate and finished up in Adobe Illustrator.


Tell us something about yourself we may not already know.

I like to make music for fun. I really enjoy making ambient and experimental stuff. I will release some stuff soon so I’m excited about that.

What hashtag should designers use to share photos of them rocking your tote?

I always like long weird hashtags so maybe use something like #myideasgettangledsometimes.

Snag Ryan’s tote bag in the Dribbble Shop and keep up with him on Dribbble, Instagram, and Twitter.

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