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6 ways to maximize your Dribbble Profile to get hired

You’re on Dribbble. Fantastic! You’re looking for work? Even better! We have a variety of ways to get you hired here on Dribbble and help you land your next dream role. From searching the Job Board or submitting your profile to find work via Talent Partner, we’re here to help you advance in your design career.

In an effort to ensure you shine bright like a diamond in the hiring pool, Dribbble’s Hiring specialists have compiled a list of six tips to set up your Dribbble Portfolio like a pro:

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Debut Shot

by Jacey Korus

Hello Dribbble! I am so excited to be able to add a few of my own designs into the mix of talent on this site - I hope you like my shot! Thank you to @EriK Miller for the invite!

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The web has provided a vast field for hiring managers to search and find all kinds of info related to their potential candidates. By including a robust list of external links under your social profiles, you get to take control of your hiring destiny by pointing hiring managers to exactly what you want them to see. Hiring managers will likely eliminate you from consideration if the information they are looking for is not easy to find—so make sure you include all relevant links!

Important: If your external portfolio website requires a password to access, make sure you list the password where clients can easily find it.

2. Be specific about your location

While it might be fun to list your location as Earth or A land far, far away, when someone searches for Product Designers in New York, your name will not appear—period. A good rule of thumb is to set your location to the closest metropolitan area to you. That way, the next time someone searches Dribbble for potential design candidates, your profile will pop-up alongside the competition in your area.

Remember, your location should reflect where you currently reside—not where you’d ideally like to work. You can let us know which cities you’re open to relocating to under your work opportunities settings.

3. Write out your full name

Unless you’re a world-famous superstar, it’s going to be hard to find your profile online by simply searching your first name, nickname, or pseudonym. Your Dribbble profile should reflect your full given name written out. Not only does this appear more professional, but it also helps external hiring managers search for you and your work.

4. Add your skill sets and clarify your exact job title

Much like your location, listing yourself as a specialist in one very specific area of design will limit your chances in appearing in other potential job searches. If you’re a Graphic Designer with some chops in illustration and animation, then by all means, include these other design skill sets under your skill tags. Just make sure you also highlight your exact job title in your bio so it’s clear what your specialized role is.

5. Input a realistic salary

Make sure your salary expectations are up to date by inputting this info under your work opportunities. We recommend listing a salary that is realistic to the position you are looking to obtain, but also relevant to your skill set and experience level. Always keep market rate in mind and remember that asking for an unrealistic salary will automatically exclude you from jobs that might otherwise be a perfect fit!

6. Display a variety of relevant Shots

Clients come from a variety of backgrounds and industries. By including a mix of work from a diverse set of clients and showcasing different types of design (mobile, web, animation, etc.) you’ll increase your chances of showing up in a variety of searches based on your Shots alone.

Pro Tip: If you’re actively searching for a Product Designer role, make sure you feature Product Design Shots in your Dribbble profile. We love your illustrations, but these Shots won’t help get you hired for the role you want!

Hello Dribbble! design illustration web

Hello Dribbble!

by Kajsa Ailm

"UX designer on the roll" Sharing my first shot here on Dribbble, so happy to join! Big thanks to @Dharmik Moradiya for the invite.

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At Dribbble, we want to see you succeed in your design career—it’s a huge reason why we come to work every day! Hopefully, the tips above will help you craft the best profile to help your talented self get noticed and land your next dream role. Good luck!

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