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Check out the Shots that inspire Anna Hurley's illustrations

If you’re familiar with Anna Hurley’s illustration work, you know it’s bursting with playful, bold, and colorful energy. We love learning about our community’s inspiration sources, and today Anna Hurley dishes on some of the Shots that have inspired her own work over the years. Get a quick snapshot of some of Anna’s recent work below, then keep reading to hear about what inspires her work and check out some Shots she admires.

  1. See Barky play
  2. Hairy
  3. Baby Chick

“There are so many different aspects of an illustration that would draw me to it, but I am heavily influenced by color, composition, and character. Linework, motion, and shape are also parts of an illustration that I admire because they often tell a unique story in such a simple, efficient way. I also love to see work that includes a bold outlook that I would not necessarily think to do myself. That’s the only way I’ll be able to grow as an illustrator—by looking and studying new things, trying different techniques, and getting inspired and motivated by the many ridiculously talented people around me.”

“My work is a mixture and interpretation of everything I’ve ever looked at, admired, and experienced. A huge chunk of that is due to all of the amazingly talented artists that I’ve met personally, admired from afar, studied in history books, been mentored by, the list goes on and on. Here are a few shots by some folks whom I’ve long admired.”

  1. GIF: Medusa Pizza Cat Roller
  2. Forest Friends
  3. Dragon Slayer
  4. Vintage cars show poster
  5. Your Mind is the Womb for Your Future You
  6. 118
  7. Doodle for Tadas Ivanauskas
  8. Aloha / Hello !
  9. Dahhhhhling

Row 1: Cindy Suen, Skinny Ships, Adam Grason. Row 2: Jean Mosambi, Andy J. Miller, Joshuah X. Miranda. Row 3: Jennifer Hom, Neil Rook, Rogie.

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