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Behind the Design with Joanna Behar

Earlier this year, we launched our New Dribbble Shop and we’re so excited to highlight some of the amazing designers behind the products for sale. This week, get to know Joanna Behar—Graphic Designer, Hand-Letterer, Illustrator, and online shop owner.

Joanna hand-lettered and designed items for a sweet inspiration pack filled with goodies to help keep you going throughout your day. Learn more about Joanna and get the inside scoop on the idea behind the design.


Tell us about yourself and how you got started on Dribbble.

Hello there! My name is Joanna Behar, owner and founder of my own online shop and full-time business of the same name, based in Paris, France. I launched my shop in late 2016. Before I started, I was a full-time editorial designer—but after five years doing that, I needed more. So, I took a leap of faith and opened my online business. It took me almost two years to get the courage I needed to quit my full-time job at the time, but it was more than worth it! I can’t imagine going back to it.

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Behind the design: Elaborate on your inspiration and the design process behind the Just Keep Going inspiration pack.

I’ve been on Dribbble since 2015, so it was only natural that I said yes to an opportunity to have some of my designs in the new Dribbble Shop. It’s an honor to be surrounded by other amazing designers! The Just Keep Going holographic print piece is actually the first thing I listed in my own shop when it first opened, and it was the perfect piece to start. What better reminder to just keep going when things seem tough than a shiny holographic print to look at? I’m a sucker for holographic foil in all of its forms, so it was really exciting to create this piece.

I transformed the lettering into a holographic sticker and keychain so even when you’re not home you can keep your motivational trinkets with you. I’m one of those people who covers their stuff in stickers and has a million keychains on their keys! I think this particular design has resonated most with my fellow designer community than anyone else. This makes me happy because I originally made this to give myself a boost, and I’m thrilled it’s helping others do the same.


How has the Dribbble community helped you grow as a designer?

Dribbble has been essential to my growth as a designer. I remember back in 2015, I was dying to get an Invite. I felt so special when I was finally able to publish my first Shot! I love that I can post anything and discover a ton of new artists in a heartbeat. It’s part of my daily inspiration. It has also helped me get some clients! I don’t take client work often but I love it when I do. It’s a good break from my daily routine and it’s always really exciting.

I also like to publish work on my profile that I haven’t necessarily shared anywhere else—it’s part of my design process. Seeing all my pieces posted together reminds me of my own identity. I know that may sound weird, but just like everyone else, I have doubts about myself and seeing my old work reminds me that, “Hey, this was a good idea!”, or, “I could revisit this piece in a different way!”.

Tell us something about yourself we, and the community, may not already know.

I originally wanted to be a packaging designer (LOL). Why am I laughing you ask? Because when I was a kid I hated math—it was literally my number one enemy. The subject bored me and I didn’t want anything to do with it. My parents even got so worried about my math grades that they sent me to a Math Psychologist! Yes, I had no idea that was a thing either… Well, guess what—in packaging design, there is a lot of math involved. What a downer it was when I found out! I just wanted to think about pretty packaging and concepts, not actually have to calculate box patterns.

Despite the fact that I worked hard at first, I hated it so much and after a few months, I got fired.

After I graduated, I got an internship that turned into a job at a small packaging design studio. Despite the fact that I worked hard at first, I hated it so much and after a few months, I got fired. People—getting fired is stressful! It was the first time I was ever fired too. I was embarrassed but at the same time relieved because I had been wanting to leave. So I suppose a thank you is in order to my old boss who kicked me to the curb because that’s how I stumbled into editorial design (which I later fell in love with). Even though I don’t do it anymore, I had a real passion for it. But I reached a point at my old job where just being a designer was not enough anymore. I wasn’t being challenged enough and I wanted to be in charge. That’s a huge part of why I launched my own business.

What hashtag should designers use to share photos of them rocking your inspiration pack?

I want to see my print in your space! I love interior design photos and I would just love to see how you are displaying that shiny baby. You can use the hashtag #JBjustkeepgoing or #JoannaBehar. I don’t have a particular hashtag, but if you tag me, I’ll definitely see you!

Snag Joanna’s inspiration pack in the Dribbble Shop and keep up with her on Dribbble, Instagram, Twitterand at

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