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4 unique productivity apps for ultimate creative focus

There are tons of productivity tools out there—from to-do list apps to task management platforms, time trackers to team collaboration software. But how about tools that will help get you in the zone and stay focused in a fun and engaging way?

If you’re looking for some new ways to make the most out of your workday, you’re in the right place. Feast your eyes on four very unique productivity apps to help you stay in that critical creative state of flow. Have fun testing these out and watch your productivity soar!

1. Habitica

 is a fun productivity app that gamifies your to-do list. Create a character, input your to-do list, and every task turns into a monster your character has to conquer.

As you continue using the app and checking off your tasks, your character levels-up and earns new perks. Fail to finish your tasks, and you character risks backsliding in the game.

You can also use Habitica with friends and fellow colleagues to up the challenge and stay accountable!

2. Marinara Timer

You may have already heard of the Pomodoro technique—a time management system that consists of setting a timer for 25 minute intervals of full focused work, separated by small breaks in between.

The idea is that you’ll be able to immerse yourself fully in a given task by working in short sprints which help you stay focused.

Marinara Timer
 is an app that offers flexible implementations of the Pomodoro technique. You can actually tailor their online timers to fit your productivity needs.

Use the traditional 25 minute timer or create a custom timer—you get to reap the benefits of the Pomodoro technique in a way that actually makes sense for you.

3. Forest

If you have trouble getting in the zone because you’re constantly getting distracted by your phone or browsing the web, the Forest app
 may be for you.

Forest is an interactive mobile app and chrome extension where users plant a virtual tree when they want to focus on a task for a given period of time. The tree continues to grow as the timer goes down unless you leave the app—in which case the tree will start to wither. Plant a new tree for each task and watch your virtual forest grow lush before your eyes.

Take it to the next level by adding a list of “Blacklist” websites you have a hard time staying away from. If you visit one of the sites on your Blacklist, your tree will be instantly killed. How’s that for motivation?

Bonus feature: Forest app has partnered with a real-life tree planting organization, Trees for the Future
. When users spend virtual cash earned in-app on planting real trees, Forest donates to the organization to plant real trees on the Earth.

4. Rainy Mood

Rainy Mood
 is a mobile app that helps you not only focus, but also relax—because we all know we need some solid downtime if we’re going to power through work!

The app offers a focus-inducing rain experience that’s both auditory and visual. Choose a rain scene on your phone (classic, ocean, countryside, and cafe) then customize the sound of the rain and background noise by using the sliders in each scene.

The audio is of great quality and, overall, it’s is a huge help whether you need to focus on relaxing or focus on work.

There you have it folks! Time to get your productivity on and make focusing a little easier and enjoyable. For more handpicked design resources, check out our favorite gradient picking websites, color palette picking tools, and chrome extensions for designers.

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