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WeWork's Bailey Sullivan shares 9 favorite visual interpretations of birds

Meet Bailey, an illustrator from Austin, Texas currently living in Brooklyn, NY. Bailey works as an environmental designer on WeWork’s Art and Graphics team where she creates murals, wallpapers, neons, and other forms of art throughout the WeWork spaces.

Bailey’s work and aesthetic seems to be heavily inspired by nature so it’s no surprise she’s chosen to share a few of her favorite shots from fellow Dribbblers that all interpret the subject of the bird. Check out Bailey’s own interpretation of the animal below, then keep reading to see the nine shots she admires by other designers:

  1. L<3VE
  2. Swan
  3. Birds Drib

“One of my favorite things about Dribbble is seeing how different people interpret the same subject matter through their own style and perspective. I pulled nine of my favorite shots of birds—an animal so seemingly simple most of us see on a daily basis, that are all executed in totally different ways. I love that these range from a simple icon to a super detailed illustration and abstract interpretations. They’re all so unique to the artist that created them and are all really fresh ways to depict an old subject. I really admire all of these artists and love that they’ve all done their own take on the bird.”

  1. Peacock
  2. Peace
  3. WIP Fire Bird
  4. Birds of Paradise 2.0
  5. Afterhours Print
  6. Toco Toucan
  7. GRTU Troutfest Texas
  8. Hope Badge
  9. The National

Row 1: Anastasia Dunaeva, Steve Wolf, Vincent Conti. Row 2: Elen Winata, Greg Anthony Thomas, Brett Stenson. Row 3: Alana Louise, Brad Cuzen, Doublenaut.

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