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Dribbble Interview: Building a design agency with Olha Uzhykova

Meet Olha Uzhykova, Product Designer and Co-Founder of the design agency Netrix. Olha is passionate about design though it hasn’t always been part of her life. In this video interview, hear about how Olha’s background in business development and few web design courses changed the whole track of her career for the better.

Hi, I’m Olha. I’m a Product Designer from Ukraine. I own my own agency called Netrix.

What does design mean to you?

Design is much more than you can see. It’s not only about the visual. It’s about experience, feelings, and efficiency.

Where do you find inspiration?

I usually look for inspiration not only in the digital world. I like to notice some details in nature, music, and movies.

The impact of Dribbble on your career…

When I created my own portfolio I started receiving job offers and later on it allowed me to move from freelance to opening my own digital agency.

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Favorite part about Design…

For me, solving problems, testing assumptions, and analyzing user feedback is much more interesting than moving pixels. Having my own agency doesn’t allow me to focus only on design. I spend a lot of time on communication with the team and clients and on some business operations. But this helps me better understand the business side.

How has Design impacted your life?

I have an economics degree and I worked for three years as a business development manager. But one day I understood that I wanted to do something different. I decided to go take web design courses and this was one of the best decisions in my life. Because now design is a part of my life. It’s not just my work. It’s my hobby, and it’s my business.

Tell us about having Netrix on Dribbble…

Now we have six people on our team. We just started receiving job offers for our team, not only for individual members—but as a team. If I compare, for example, last month’s job offers to the team vs. to the personal accounts, we’ve now started receiving more offers to agency account.

Favorite project right now and why?

My favorite project is the design for our own website, Netrix. A lot of effort, a lot of emotions were included in this work because it’s your own project and you try to think about all the details. You’re every time trying to make it better, better, and better. But actually, it’s like this for every project. But it’s much more difficult when you create something for you.

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