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Dribbble Interview: Marina Clément helps brands communicate in a more friendly way

Originally from St. Petersburg, designer and illustrator, Marina Clément is now based in Mountain View, CA. She spends her days helping brands build trust and communicate in a friendly way with her playful illustrations. In a new video, she shares where she finds inspiration and how Dribbble has impacted her career.

What does design mean to you?

For me, design is creating something from scratch. Like putting a house in order. Giving body, language, or voice to a blank idea. I think creating is a wonderful process.

What’s the impact Dribbble has had on your career?

Dribbble It really helped me to be more visible in the community. I found so many interesting projects through Dribbble. My own portfolio became a reference for people who would like to have something done by me.

My job is to help brands communicate in a more fun and friendly way.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I’ve found a lot of inspiration on Dribbble. Every day I see new cool shots. It really pushes me to move forward in order to keep up with all this amazing stuff that’s happening around. It keeps me going. Not to get too proud, you know? Not to forget that there is are a hundred others, who probably work in the same field in pretty much the same style.

  1. Senior iOS Developer
  2. Avatars
  3. Women day

How would you describe your design work?

My job is to help brands communicate in a more fun and friendly way. For example, I work with a lot of financial technology brands. They’re serious adult products but they still need to communicate with people in a friendly, nice way—to help them understand a very difficult amount of information. Pretty much every problem I’ve solved through illustrations or drawing. My illustrations help those brands to communicate and make people actually trust them and feel friendly towards them.

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