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Get inspired by the rich and unique design scene of Milan, Italy

Having such a global community here on Dribbble is great because we get to learn about all kinds of different design hubs of the world. Today, we’re chatting with Milan based creative team Bending Spoons who will be hosting their very first Dribbble Meetup next week!

Bending Spoons is a team of 90 designers working towards conquering the App Store by ideating, creating, and marketing their own apps. Check out some photos of their awesome office-space below and read about what it’s like working in Milan, Italy.

Announcing Milan Dribbble Meetup 2019

Announcing Milan Dribbble Meetup 2019

by Luca Burgio for Bending Spoons

Bending Spoons is excited to host the next Milan Dribbble Meetup. Come to chat with us and enjoy an evening of learning, networking, design-based conversations, and free pizza + beer. We can’t wait to meet you! Doors open on Thursday, January 17 at 6.3...

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Tell us what you love about Milan.

It’s hard to focus on one thing because Milan is just so great. The city is a unique combination of Italian style and the most advanced European technologies—shaken, not stirred. It’s the most European city in Italy and a proud representation of Italy on the international scene. What is Milan? Take a few thousand years of history, add a rich world heritage in arts and culture, a handful of Italian cuisine (doesn’t need an introduction I hope), dress it up with incredible transport efficiency and connectivity, and add the top-notch technology hub to taste. Yeah, that sounds about right.


Tell us where you work, in relation to the rest of Milan.

Our magnificent office is located right in the heart of Milan’s main business district, Garibaldi. Look to your right and you can see one of the most famous streets of Milan, Corso Como, full of nice restaurants, small lovely shops, and perfectly dressed people (as Italian as it can get). Look to your left and see the most prominent example of modern architecture in Milan: Piazza Gae Aulenti. Designed by César Pelli, it’s framed by the Unicredit Tower (Italy’s tallest building) and the Vertical Forest, stunningly designed by Stefano Boeri. Here we are, right in the middle—find us at Corso Como 15.


Tell us about Milan’s design scene

Milan and design go hand-in-hand. Worldwide, it’s known for giving birth to Missoni and Prada, but also for its fashion and design week. The city hosts hundreds of design-related events every year and is home to some great design schools and museums. It all takes place here for a reason, right? The city is pure inspiration for creators of all kinds, from fashion to art, and from industrial design to digital creations.


Choose three shots from Milan Dribbblers you admire and tell us what you like about each one.

  1. Kodak - concept
  2. HighFive
  3. Pointer // Musement

Kodak - concept by Marco Fasoli, above left.

We love Marco’s bold color choice and his design style that people might call “too crowded”. We chose this Kodak shot because it reminded us of the great old times when everything was analog (we still have polaroids in our office, come check them out!).

HighFive by Emanuele Colombo, above center.

Here at Bending Spoons, we’re all fans of Emanuele Colombo’s projects at Antimatter. With his work “Don’t be a Bully, loser” in 2016, Emanuele set a new standard for Italian and international motion graphic design and we all thank him for his work. Go check out the BeamWallet masterpiece from which this shot is taken. We love it—such a pure positive vibe!

Pointer // Musement by Luna Poggi, above right.

Luna is one of the best Italian illustrators. We love her cleverness and imagination. We particularly love this shot because it’s a brilliant illustration for such a common design of the location pin.

Big thanks to the Bending Spoons team for hosting this event!

Can’t make it on January 17th? Keep up on meetups in your area or start your own. Details at Dribbble Meetups.

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