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Start the Shot Clock! Video Shots have come to Dribbble

Motion design has been an integral part of the Dribbble community for sharing everything from User Interface Designs to animated character designs, and today we take it to the next level. Over the past couple of weeks, you probably noticed a long-requested feature start appearing in your shot feeds - Video!

Today I’m happy to announce we’re moving out of beta, allowing all Pros and Teams to upload video Shots to share with the entire community.

Video is here! eyes animation character

Video is here!

by Sarah Kuehnle for Dribbble

Video is out of beta! Pros and Teams can now upload video to bring their Shots to life. Celebrate with us today and upload your first video! Read more on the blog:

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Posting a video shot

The process is simple, as a Pro or Team subscriber:

  • Drag or upload an mp4 video file to the upload window
  • Ensure it’s no longer than 24 seconds and under 10MB
  • Wait for the likes to roll in!

Not a Pro member yet? Now is your time to upgrade your account so you can post video shots!

Need some inspiration?

Here are some of the Dribbble teams favorite shots so far.

Row 1: Timo Kuilder, Andy Orsow for InVision, Rogie for Dribbble. Row 2: Martha Bergmann for InVision, EJ Hassenfratz, Jurre Houtkamp for Framer. Row 3: JT Grauke for Focus Lab, Nathan Riley for green chameleon.

We’ve been inspired by the video shots we’ve seen already and can’t wait to see what you share next!

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