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Dribbblers did amazing with Inktober this year

October is over and it’s already November! Other than exercising our wonderful right to vote here in the US, one of the best parts of early November is we get to look back at everyone’s Inktober shots! Inktober, if you’ll recall, is a challenge to make thirty-one drawings in thirty-one days created by Jake Parker. So many Dribbblers really did a stunning job this year, but some of our favorites include Megan Riley, Sean Quinn, and Pedro Correa.

With prompts like “poisonous,” “star,” and “bottle,” Dribbblers found no shortage of inspiration.

  1. Poisonous
  2. Inktober 08-31 | Star
  3. Day 18 Bottle

Row 1: Jess, Megan Riley, korneliia kulbovska.

More prompts included “scorched”, “prickly”, and “slice.”

  1. Inktober Day 19 - Scorched
  2. Inktober 2018: Prickly
  3. Slice

Row 1: Rebecca DeStefano, Julia Solonina, Liam Thomas Bland.

A lot of folks participate without necessarily using the prompts, some don’t even stick to black and white ink! So here’s a collection of other amazing Inktober shots to inspire you for next year.

  1. Mai Tai / Drinktober / Inktober
  2. Inktober Bonus
  3. Inktober - Double
  5. Inktober Final Week
  6. Inktober: 12/31
  7. Boom, roasted
  8. ボトル Bottle
  9. Inktober 2018 - Day 27 - Thunder
  10. flow.
  11. Guy for Inktober
  12. Birthday cat
  14. Inktober day 25
  15. Anitober Day 23: Muddy

Row 1: Rogie, Sean Quinn, Cris. Row 2: Carra Sykes, Rob Sayegh Jr., Benedicte. Row 3: Alison Harshbarger, Mariano Gambatese, Hanna Stüker. Row 4: Sabrina McCracken, Tatyana Savchuk, Katerina Pushkina. Row 5: Shrouk Abdelnabi, Pedro Correa, Iván Casal.

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