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A list of free and open‑sourced fonts designed by womxn

The most visible realms of typography, like so many, aren’t necessarily flourishing with diversity or representative of all the people in the world actually creating fonts. That’s why small-but-mighty sites like Fonts by Womxn, part of Design Research, are so important. The site seeks to highlight fonts made by womxn which are free, libre, and open-sourced licensed, meaning anyone is free to use, modify, and distribute them.

Everybody wins.


Want to use a free font, but also want to contribute to this beautiful project and the designers who made it what it is? From the site:

To support the designers, you can plan in the design budget of your project some money to donate to the designer directly, commission them with custom font designs, invite them to give a lecture, and spread the word about their great designs!

Want even more fonts designed by women? Check out

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