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A new collaborative e‑book to help teams with product management

It’s refreshing and encouraging to see companies come together to work on things that benefit the whole design community. It’s clear that we need each other to establish comprehensive, clear guidelines and cornerstones to build the best products we can, ones that truly serve the industry, the companies that make up that industry, the individuals that make up those companies, and last but far from least, the end-user.

So what happens when several leading product companies come together to create an e-book on product management? See for yourself with, a new, free e-book from Pendo and co-authored by ProductPlan, InVision, Split, FullStory, and UserVoice.


This e-book explores key workflows and how the core product cloud supports the new, data-driven product management. Dive in to discover more about roadmapping, design and prototyping, feature flagging and experimentation, onboarding and user guidance, usage analytics, session replay, and user feedback and sentiment.

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