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The latest top design picks from Team Dribbble

We’re sharing just some of our team’s favorite shots on Dribbble last week. Designers shared incredible packaging design and illustrations, like Amber Asay’s yellow notebook designed for Letterfolk and Brad Hanson’s Banana Pattern.

Check out these 9 inspiring shots that caught our team’s eye!

  1. GO-CAR
  2. Sheffield & Sons Spice Packaging
  3. Banana Pattern
  4. Civil Goat Cold Brew
  5. Modular Illo for Bocao Food Fest
  6. Afuri - Shirt Design
  7. 夏
  8. Design for The Expat, NY
  9. Yellow Notebook

Row 1: Fauzy Lukman for GO-JEK Design, Lauren Harring, Brad Hansen. Row 2: Drew Lakin, Lena Vargas Afanasieva, Murmur Creative. Row 3: Mercedes Bazan, Rise Wise, Amber Asay.

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