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12 of Team Dribbble's Favorite Shots from Last Week

We liked a lot of shots here at Team Dribbble last week. Two trends emerged among them. The first was simple animation mostly involving line drawings, such as Brandon Land’s favorite basketball players, which caught the attention of Nike. The second trend among the shots we shared with each other involved exotic creatures, such as Kata Moravszki’s “Mixture of wild animals” piece for the 10 Plagues of Egypt.

Check out those amazing shots, plus many more below!

Line Drawings, Animated!

Row 1: Brandon Land, Animade , Benjamin Windsor. Row 2: Joe Le Huquet, Wada Shinobu, Gurika. Row 3: Paulina Bertolassi, Giulia Bavagnoli, Furkan Söyler.

Exotic, Mysterious, and Fictitious Creatures

  1. Swelto - SOLITARIO new album out now
  2. Getting hairy apple pencil ipad pro vector illustration character character design
  3. Engraving 狌狌 skeleton beast monkey freehand painting print drawing engraving graphic illustration
  4. Tropics characters animals tropics pattern fresh marushabelle
  5. Tropic Vulture Full pattern tropical palm tree hawk eagle bird vulture illustration bandana
  6. 10 plagues of egypt crazy nude vector egypt anubis white black illustration graphic moravszki katamoravszki
  7. into you someone creature love art collage symbiosis mimicry bird crab
  8. Copulate cat animals character design illustration
  9. The Curious Traveller traveller druid bright character design character online wow x wow art show exhibition

Row 1: Danilo "Sailor Danny" Mancini, Sarah Kuehnle, ALEX. Row 2: Marusha, Jordan Kabalka, Kata Moravszki. Row 3: Iulia Fedorovych, murat kalkavan, Scott Balmer.

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