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Dribbble Interview: Gleb Kuznetsov on transforming ideas into high‑quality digital products

The Dribbble team recently sat down with Chief Design Officer Gleb Kuznetsov. He shares what it’s like to manage design teams across time zones, his thoughts on designing with emotion, and how he transforms ideas into high-quality digital products.

My name is Gleb. I do Product Design. My goal is to transform ideas into high-quality digital products and businesses.

What does design mean to you?

Design is not only about the beauty of things, it is about the creation of new perceptions of life. When you design things you go through many different emotions including negative and positive and once you are in control of the result you choose the most beautiful way to create things for you personally and then you become the happiest person that could ever be. Every single detail though and truly amazing design reflect the feeling of the product to emphasize human intelligence and possibility of technologies.

Design is not only about the beauty of things, it is about the creation of new perceptions of life.

What is your typical day like?

I work as a chief design officer in five different time zones. Once I finished my morning meetings I drive to the office down to the valley. During the driving time, sometimes I make calls and meetings as well. Once I finished my daily routine I try to concentrate and focus on the design only.

When are you most productive?

I think it’s happening when I am 100% focused on things that I love to do. Mostly it’s a creation of design languages or exploring new UI possibilities. Usually, it’s happening in the nighttime when business side of the product is on the clear position. Then I start to play with colors, with shapes, directions and visualize many different approaches to find one truly amazing solution for the product.

  1. Vehicle appear effect
  2. Climate control for connected car
  3. Artificial Intelligence brain

What impact has Dribbble had on you?

I think the Dribbble platform makes a really big impact on my career since I found a lot of good inspiration there. As well as really great people. I truly believe that in the UI Product Design world, a platform like this has become one of the main tools to explore ideas and visualize for many industries verticals. I just love my work.

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