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InVision’s Luisa Mancera shares her favorite 9 shots

I’m Luisa Mancera, a brand designer at InVision. When I’m not in front of a screen, I’m more than likely in the middle of a good book or out on an adventure (scuba diving and camping are a couple of my favorites).

Adventures are a great source for creative inspiration—not to mention, a reminder to play more, take risks, and step outside your comfort zone as often as you can in order to keep moving forward, both professionally and personally. I chose the nine shots below because I think they really embody that spirit of play and adventure I find so inspiring.

  1. Leon
  2. EF, Brand Specimen
  3. Najim
  4. Pitted
  5. Shaun Fenn Photography
  6. Stylist Concept — Menu
  7. St. Elmo Midweek Summer Vibes
  8. The Recorder
  9. Decline

Row 1: Chris DeLorenzo, Jonathan Schubert, Zak Steele-Eklund for Studio VØR . Row 2: Friends of Type, Eight Hour Day, Ben Mingo. Row 3: Keith Davis Young, justyna stasik, Ryan Putnam.

Find Luisa on Dribbble, Twitter, and at And while you’re at it check out InVision on Dribbble too!

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