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Where the Magic Happens: Team Dribbble's Remote Workspaces

Ever wonder where Dribbble gets made? Or maybe you’ve noticed the rotating ticker in the footer of the site displaying where we all call home? Since inception, Dribbble has been fully distributed. We all relish the perks of locational freedom and the ability to make our own schedules, and have also learned a lot in the process about team building from afar as well as how to scale remote teams.


We wanted to give our community some insights, on an individual level, into where and how we work day-to-day. Here are just some of the locations from which we do what we do (with more to come!)

Zack, Walnut Creek, California, USA



“My buddy Chris and I built my home office. We framed the walls, ran the electrical, hung drywall, plastered, and painted. My dream for the office was to one day work from home full-time and to give up my 2 hours per day commute plus 10 hours stuck in an office in San Francisco. Today I’m living that dream. I have no commute. I make time in the day to hang out with my kids. I get more work done in a day than I ever have. I even pick up a guitar from time to time, turn up the amp so the neighbors can hear, and play a little ditty. #remotelife”

Chloe Oddleifson, Victoria, British Colombia, Canada

People Ops and Administration


“This is my tiny desk in the corner of the office that I share with my husband. I love this space because it gets the most beautiful afternoon sunlight, and when I need to do heads-down or have meetings, it’s my go-to space. I don’t like to spend all day in one place, however, so I usually start my mornings answering emails with some tea and breakfast at the kitchen table. Some days I’ll feel more productive out of the house, so I love that I have the option of working from a coffee shop. Our local beach has wifi, so that’s one of the best places I’ve worked remotely. I now keep a camping chair and blanket in the trunk of my car for the days when it gets too hot in the city and I need some cool ocean breezes!

Working remotely is incredible, and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to working a traditional 9 to 5 in a co-located office, but it does require effective time management, and setting a schedule that will work for you. At Dribbble, our policy around office hours is that as long as it works for your team, your schedule is yours to own. My biggest advice for anyone working remotely, or interested in working remotely, is that it’s important to figure out what hours you are the most productive.”

Jeffrey Chupp, Rome, Georgia, USA



“To me, the most important part of working remotely is having a dedicated space to leave home-mode behind and get into work-mode. I work out of a converted pool-house which gives me the solitude I need to focus.

I have a convertible standing desk and change from sitting to standing throughout the day depending on the task. You’ll notice my absurdly large mouse pad, homebrew keyboard (with precariously positioned coffee mug), and my “Good Job, Stupid” stamp to apply liberally as needed. Not pictured: 5-20 empty Coke Zero cans.”

Andy Leverenz, Saint Charles, Missouri, USA

Product Designer


“I built my own desk as a result of not finding one both in my price range and at the right size (I wanted a larger one for my studio speakers). It probably cost less than $100 to make but turned out great with a little elbow grease.

Working remotely saves so much time. I used to commute upwards of two hours a day and am thankful those days are gone. Being close to family is also a massive perk in the event I need to watch my son at any given moment. I’m not sure if I can ever go back to the non-remote way of life.

My advice to other remote workers would be to take breaks from your screen. Go for a walk or otherwise get some exercise. The best ideas come when you aren’t focused on generating good ideas.”

Want to see more photos and hear from more members of Team Dribbble on where we work? Follow along on the blog in the coming weeks for more in this series.

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