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9 Animated Illustrations InVision’s Connor Murphy Loves

I’m Connor Murphy, a designer at InVision who works on landing pages, marketing campaigns, email design, event collateral, and everything in between. I’m inspired by music, film, and TV, and I often design for fun on the side to improve my skills. One thing I’ve been diving into a lot lately is animation.

Animation is tough to get right. Too much, and it’s confusing and overwhelming. Too long, and viewers will move onto something else before it’s done. Too simple, and it feels like a sad and very boring robot made it.

But when animation is done well, it’s natural, tells a story, and really brings life to the design. I chose the 9 shots below because they do just that.

  1. Stylized Nature Pack
  2. Snow Fox
  3. Luigi doing what Luigi does best
  4. Print Together
  5. Alto’s Adventure - out now!
  6. Shorty Jungle Snake
  7. Daydream VR
  8. Every wildnight
  9. super transition [gif]

Row 1: Mikael Gustafsson, Jona Dinges, Jerry Liu Studio. Row 2: Glenn Thomas, Harry Nesbitt, R A D I O. Row 3: Sharon Harris for Google, Beresnev, henrique barone.

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