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Affinicasts: An Exciting New Resource for Designers

Want to become a better designer using Affinity-Serif products? Well, now you can with the guidance of a new web platform called Affinicasts. This app features tutorials and courses covering Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, and, coming soon, Publisher.

This is the latest side project recently launched by one of our own product designers, Andy Leverenz. Affinity-Serif’s tools have lent him a huge hand in creating designs for Dribbble and beyond. The goal of Affinicasts is to help shed light on these awesome design applications while offering an unbiased opinion on features and workflows from a modern day designer’s perspective. This is an impressive resource. On launch day, Affinicasts stayed within the top three featured items on ProductHunt!


Video Tutorials & Courses for Modern Designers

Affinicasts showcases expert video tutorials demonstrating how to use the Affinity-Serif suite through real-life projects entailing graphic design, web design, photography and more. New videos are published on a weekly basis and new courses every month. If you’re looking for even more, an Affinicasts Pro account offers all videos and courses, access to a private Slack community, and permission to download all art files and assets associated with the tutorials.

Start Watching!

“What’s amazing about these design programs is they’re capable of bringing all kinds of ideas to life. With any design challenge, creativity is bounded by technical skills. Affinicasts provides easy-to-follow tutorials that help users master the programs needed to create anything. This is a great resource for designers everywhere. From students and aspiring designers to professionals, these video tutorials and courses help strengthen technical design skills to boost overall creativity and productivity.” - Andy Leverenz, creator

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