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How Gerhard Van Wyk Channels Creativity

Who are you?

That is a good question, but always a difficult one to answer. I might start by writing about the external labels that have been assigned to me by myself, others and society like occupation, nationality, and education, but I do not find my labels to be any more interesting than the next person. More importantly, I find it harder and harder to identify with them. Rather, take a look at my art and enjoy.

I love watching the world around me as a silent observer, a fly on the wall. I like to see myself moving back and forth on the astral plane by catching taxis at Cape Town central.

What are you working on?

I’m currently working on a series of screen prints. I’ve been really inspired by this film, Embrace of the Serpent, that delves into ideas of the sacred and profane, looking at the Wizard archetype. The series I’m creating is for an art exhibition fundraiser for animal welfare, and you can see some of them on my Dribbble profile.

I’ve also been busy compiling a zine called Meat Pots with a group of my friends that is going to be sick! All of my close friends are really good at writing, so I thought that a zine would be a pristine opportunity to collaborate with them.

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Privacy Policy Pooch

Privacy Policy Pooch

by Gerhard Van Wyk

Sneak preview of one of the prints I'll be exhibiting at NO END art gallery next month. The exhibition explores the idea of 'Misinformation'. This drawing plays with the idea of privacy policies. Please mail me if you are interested in ordering a print.

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I made this shot for an exhibition named ‘Disinformation’ about all the Facebook privacy policy ruckus that’s been happening. I sometimes go to a dog park close to where I live and just draw some of the dogs there, and it was fun to include a dog in the artwork for this project.

Tell us about your setup. What tools did you use to create the shot (e.g. hardware, software, pens, paper, blowtorch)?


I start with some breathing exercises. Inhale fully in. Exhale not quite fully out. It quiets the mind. Then I kill the creative fear by jumping into some freezing cold water or taking a cold shower. Then all my ideas get funneled through my pen into my sketchbook. From here I scan it and make it come to life in Photoshop. I recently bought a second-hand Wacom Cintiq and it’s great for channeling the flow.

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Dribbble Debut

Dribbble Debut

by Jan Oberholzer

Thanks for the invite @Sanchali Aggarwal, super stoked to be part of this rad community.

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This one by Jan Oberholzer! Love the characters and colors.

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