Hold Your Fire: Kristina Filler's Meaningful Work

Who are you?

Hi there, I’m Kristina Filler. I am an illustrator/designer who is “weird and great at the same time”.

That was actually a comment that a fellow Dribbbler wrote on one of my shots and it summed me up so well, that the quote now adorns my business cards and website. I want to do great work (for great causes, if possible) but I also like being a little bit weird! Or maybe I just am weird and am really learning to embrace it—it’s a chicken and egg kind of thing.

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Hold Your Fire

by Kristina Filler

I am working on a few designs peacefully protesting gun violence. Let me know what you think and please check it out: Shirt profits are being donated to Everytown.

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I’ve actually been slow to post new work on there because the last thing I posted blew up into a huge campaign and it’s been keeping me busy, check out the rebound for the current design.

In the wake of the Parkland shooting, and in honor of my dad who lost his life to gun violence, I put the design on a shirt and pointed the funds toward Since then, 400+ shirts have sold, raising almost $5K in support of gun control. It’s been an incredibly fulfilling project to work on. It’s turned into a marketing and social media campaign and I’m also currently working on cross-promotion for it with other charity-driven brands. I’m doing all that I can to get the word out about it. I had gotten to a bit of stale place in my client work and it feels good to use what I know best (art) to help with a cause that is so close to my heart.

Tell us about your setup. What tools did you use to create the shot (e.g. hardware, software, pens, paper, blowtorch)?

I’ve been working more in gouache lately. It’s so fast and fun to paint in gouache and after using acrylic for years, it was nice to switch it up. There’s a lot less control with gouache and at the risk of sounding like a super art nerd (which I am), that’s kind of thrilling! How will the colors mix in the water? I don’t know!

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I discovered Andy J. Pizza’s awesome podcast from your newsletter and I’m fully hooked. He’s so wise and intuitive with his creativity and I love seeing what he’s up to. I’m also intrigued by new iPad art apps and he’s got me wanting to try them out.

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