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Designing to Explore Reality with Keeley Laures

Who are you?

I am Keeley. I currently reside in Seattle Washington.

During the day I work at a product design shop. We mostly focus on mobile and 10ft (TV) apps. Part of the day-to-day includes cultivating user experiences and visual design iterations and systems. On occasion, I dabble with artificial intelligence and augmented reality and how they can be visually expressed.

In the evenings, I design posters for local shows and create handmade embroideries. I also pick up a side hustle here and there.

What are you working on?

Right now I am working on rebuilding user experiences, visual design, and creating a design system for a major media company’s CMS (good ‘ol NDAs). When days are a little slower, I dabble with Voice and thinking about how a faceless interface can still utilize design. I also think about and discuss the ethics of AI and voice-based technologies. In less than an hour from writing this, I have to give a presentation to a bunch of engineers about Atomic Design, so that should be fun.

On the side, I am helping a friend’s Cannabis company in Colorado create a logo for their Elite product line. I’m also scouting out shows to pick the perfect one for which to make a poster. For my current embroidery project, I’m working on a crying eyeball. It’s pretty sweet.

Choose a favorite shot of yours. Why is it a favorite?

Diamond Elite Logo Iterations

Diamond Elite Logo Iterations

by Keeley Laures

I was asked by Diamond Cannabis to work on a new logo for their Elite product line. Here are a few examples that I've been working with.

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As of late, I have to say this is my favorite. Given that a lot of my daily work revolves around digital visual design, it’s nice to pick up projects that go back to one’s roots, especially in the realm of branding. I enjoy these kinds of projects because it reminds me, as a designer, the importance of simplicity when motion isn’t an option. Creating logos is always a nice design refresher because it has to live in multiple ways - small, large, black and white, in color, on paper, in digital forms, and so on.

Tell us about your setup. What tools did you use to create the shot (e.g. hardware, software, pens, paper, blowtorch)?


This shot was created using good ‘ol fashioned pen and paper. I’ve grown fond of PaperMate Flair M pens as of late and can say the beauty helped me with my doodles. After the general concepts were drawn, I recreated everything in Adobe Illustrator.

Choose a favorite shot from another Player. Why do you dig it?

Phds in prose: Illustrated stories

Phds in prose: Illustrated stories

by Milica Golubovic

Illustration for the Center for the promotion of science's book: "Phds in prose: Illustrated stories" and it follows a chapter of the phd called "Biological core of morality" by I. Živanović of Faculty of philosophy, University of Belgrade, Serbia. The ...

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I absolutely adore the story that this drawing by Milica Golubovic is telling. There is a practical and existential side to this piece. One end, it can be viewed as an academic piece that speaks of DNA, molecules and nature, and on the other end, it speaks to how humans are made up of these various elements and, in a way, explore themselves amongst natural elements and themselves.

The use of textures, patterns, and colors are well used also and creates a nice depth that leaves the observer looking for longer than a glimpse.

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