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Remote Possibilities: Shots About Distributed Teams

With long-distance collaboration tools proliferating and improving, and examples rolling in of quite successful, fully remote companies, it’s clear that remote work is on the rise. There are plenty of pros to working this way, such as skipping the commute and office distractions that can eat into time better spent on both work and in our personal lives.

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Andrew McKay, Meg Robichaud, Hurca

Dribbble operates with a small but mighty, one hundred percent distributed team. Our own Chloe Oddleifson just chatted with the Remote Office folks about the ins and outs of working here; she also shared some thoughts on how we build personal rapport with our team remotely. Dribbble CEO, Zack Onisko, also recently gave an interview with Nasdaq where he discussed operating and managing growth with a fully remote team.

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Émmie Ratté, Adheedhan Ravikumar, Julia Elman for Zapier

We’re happy to support the careers of creative professionals around the world and their ability to enjoy locational freedom. We’d love to hear from you about your experiences with Dribbble and how it’s affected your work life, either getting to work from home or landing a sweet office gig, so as always, feel free to share with us on social or drop a note.

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Alexandrov Alexandr for Fireart Studio, Artern Design, Loli Poli

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