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Digital Collages that Bring it All Together

We’re always delighted to come across digital collage on Dribbble. It disrupts the flow of other types of design in our feed and demands attention. From the more intentional examples, polished enough for any magazine spread or album cover, to coarser images that hark back to the aesthetic of a DIY zine, the possibilities are endless and the full visual world is the designer’s oyster.

  1. Peak Blue
  2. mixfeelings | water | no.2
  3. Ghost.

Luke Flynt, Alexandra Comanici, Yanira Santana

For the most part, collage seems to be a way for designers to unwind and loosely employ their creativity in a more exploratory, no-mind kind of way. A warm-up, a break, or perhaps a wind-down to an otherwise structured workday. We see a good amount of fan-art in this medium, and imagery inspired by dreams.

  1. Neon Collage
  2. Code Orange
  3. 8 March.

Daniel Sanchez, Keeley Laures, Genci B.

Why not give it a try? Let’s see what comes out of your head when you remove any boundaries that your typical medium, textures, and composition might exert on your creative process. We can’t wait to see your take in the digital collage tag.

  1. 8 Years Past
  2. Free as Oxygen
  3. Chill

Wintson Elliott, Lauren Dickens, Joshua Sullivan

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