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Official Dribbble Android App… Soon

Ever since we announced the release of our official Dribbble iOS app, a wave of designers on Android phones have been asking us when an official Dribbble Android app will be released. I can now confidently say… Coming soon.



by Patswerk

Summer is officially over, but that doesn't stop this robot from cruising around.

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Earlier today we finalized a deal to acquire Rippple, the most popular Dribbble Android client out there. Dribbble’s investment in Rippple continues our effort to forge deeper connections with designers on ALL platforms, aiming to give them the ability to gain inspiration, feedback, education, community, and job opportunities whether at their desk or on the go.

Over the coming weeks, Dribbble will be expanding its international remote workforce by welcoming Rippple’s developer Mathieu Marée and giving him access to all of our internal API goodness to build out a feature and functionality rich official Dribbble Android app.

More details soon. Stay tuned and watch out for the release announcement.

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