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Shot Block: Best Nine

Shot Block within a Shot Block?! Don’t get too overwhelmed. Here are nine of the “best nine” shots from Dribbblers based on the number of likes in 2017. While we totally disagree that “best” is always synonymous with “most liked,” it’s always fun to see what work people engage with the most. Check it out!

  1. Best Nine 2017
  2. My Best Nine (2017)
  3. Best 9 shots of 2017
  4. Best Nine of 2017!
  5. Best Nine Of 2017
  6. The Best Nine of 2017
  7. Happy New Year
  8. Best Nine '17

Row 1: Peter M Clark, Peter Voth, Nevena Katalina. Row 2: Mike Jones, Amanda Caronna, Aliaksei Kruhlenia. Row 3: Nick Budrewicz, Alper Tornaci.

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