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Shot Block: Inktober 2017

Every year since 2009, Jake Parker has encouraged artists of all kinds and experience levels to explore both the limitations and limitlessness of ink as a sole medium for the 31 days of October.

Inktober is about finding consistency and developing the creative habit. We’re happy to see so many Dribbblers engaged in the project, check out the examples below.

  1. Satanic surfer
  2. Monster Mash / Inktober Day 8 "Oblina"
  3. Inktober day6
  4. Inktober 2017
  5. ruka // arm
  6. Halloween Characters
  7. Raven & Skull
  8. Inktober: Underwater
  9. Inktobe day 10. Gigantic

Row 1: Pedro Correa, Tavo Montañez, Cose illustrate. Row 2: Piotr Albrecht, jachim992.exe, spovv. Row 3: Bear Edwards, Joshua Hurtado, Denis Pakowacz.

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